042415 + 042515: Mopars at the Battleship

My husband is a Mopar man, through and through. Mopar, or no car, if you will. We’ve gone to the Mopars at the Battleship before, and he wanted to go this year as well. So, I surprised him and got us a hotel room with some of our credit card points and we made the […]

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042315: Carlos

Yesterday called for rain, so in the morning we took a little walk. Judah fell twice and skinned his knees and elbow. Not bad, but enough for him to scream bloody murder then refuse to walk anymore.     We got home and Daddy called. Said he “had a present for all of us, he couldn’t […]

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042215: Out in it

I spread some diatomaceous earth throughout my yard this am. Good and powdery to prevent all sorts of unwanted pests and it’s great for dogs and chickens so I’m not scared of them getting in it.  And then, of course, both my kids ended up naked again. They love their freedom.  When the FedEx lady […]

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042115: Perfect weather day

I had to work until he morning and the afternoon, but when I got home, I didn’t do a drop of housework. I say outside and enjoyed the day with my kiddos. What a smile!     She was excited to wear her towel dress!   And I always have to take her picture with flowers. […]

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042015: Kowalski

We adopted our dear, sweet, barking-all-night-long, tearing-stuff-up pup a few months back. He’s already grown about as big as he’ll get and my kids adore him.  He’s a sweet dog, and he’s patient with my kids. Judah literally lays on him, steps on him, pulls him around by the leg, and Kowalski just goes along.  […]

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