100615 + 100715: interview and the coast

Thursday, finally, the dealership called and let me know that my key wouldn’t be in for a few days. Whatever. I’ll wait a few days to drop 200 bucks then. 

Later, I made a call to a company I’m hoping to work for. I’ve done a lot of the process for hiring already (submitted application, painted 3 painting, followed a guideline for a new painting, took a test on painting and drawing materials, submitted my scores -98.6, and signed a contract with their company). Now I have to be hired by the local store in order to work there. 

So, I called the store and they told me to come in today! 

I went in and interviewed. The actual manager, who decides officially, was out with family illnesses. But the class manager said she would pass my resume to her and say, “yes!” 

I’m hoping to hear back Monday or Tuesday. 

And then we got packed up and ready for Cruisin’ the Coast. Then we had a package over nighted to us. We needed it for the car. 

So we woke up and hoped it would come in. I ran to town to get gas, and look who I ran into.  

So, we got our part and made our way down. 

We set up once we got down there to watch the cars go by. The weather was great. 

And later, we went on to our fancy house that we rented (HA HA!). We’re staying in my aunts house while they are out of town. In Diamondhead they do a big car show, so we rode out to that. 

Lucy found her favorite ride too. 

She know how to pick em!

Here’s to a good day Cruisin!

100515: crazy busy day

Monday decided to be Monday for me. I was nonstop from about 7:30am until 8pm. 

Lows were:

My keyfob stopped working. 

Sat at the dealership while they programmed my new one for over an hour- with both kids- then they realized once it didn’t work that it was the wrong key. Come back tomorrow. 

Stayed in Hattiesburg way past when I wanted to be there and had to buy lunch for screaming angry kids.
Highlights were:

Made it to the next step in my job application process for a job I’m applying for… Only 3 more steps to go! 

Kids art classes kicked off yesterday and went really well! (Lucy was SO excited to sit in a class!)

(This is her patiently waiting for other kids to arrive.)

Eve met and we had a blast too!

Overall, it was a good day, just crazy hectic. Today I’m expecting to be the same- given were catching up from yesterday too. 

100215 – 100415: weekend recap








We did a little fire and made some yummy smores. The weekend weather was perfect for a little outside fire.


The kids loved it.


Wes accidentally burned me with the marshmallow pokers.


I survived. It wasn’t that bad, but did hurt like the dickens.


And Sunday night Wes bought us some Pizza. Happy Weekend.


It was a good chilly weekend. I’m looking forward to more!!

093015 + 100115: 1. Car 2. Rabbit Pen 3. Strebecks






To start… Wes (and sometimes I) have been working on this car for over a month. We are happy to announce, it is finished! So, come buy it. $7800. Runs great (so much so, that I’m not scared to get in it and crank it up… like, it doesn’t act like an old car…) Needs very little to be 100% complete. Would be lots of fun if you’re into cars or a mobster.

Secondly, we finally built (okay, zip-tied) a pen for the kids to play with the rabbits in. They love it…

The kids can move around, the rabbits can hop around..


Or be held like a baby…

Judah stayed in the pen about… 10 minutes.

Lucy stayed in the pen for 2 hours. I’m not even kidding. I looked at my phone based on when I had texted someone. 2 hours and 4 minutes before she was ready to get out. Rabbit pen = Success.

And finally… If you’ve known me a long time, then you probably know my friends Wes and Laura. They have a great story of how God put them together, and they have the cutest little guy on planet earth.


I mean.. look at that cutie!


They are also some awesome believers and really want to follow God’s call to adoption.


Many of you probably don’t know this about me, but I was adopted. Not a full on, given up at birth adoption, but adopted when my mother passed away by my Aunt and Uncle. To me, that’s an even more incredible feat because they chose to take in a 12 year old girl. Who would want that?! Well, I’m forever grateful for them choosing to fully accept me as one of their own. Adoption means a lot to me.

And also to Wes and Laura. They are working towards getting enough funds to adopt their own second child. James needs a little sibling! They also want to help a child who may not be coming into the best of circumstances. Adoption is a win win for everyone.

I could not support a better couple for adoption. I’ve known Wes… a while.

This was us at my Junior Prom, back before Wes always kept a beard. I have some older pictures of us, like when we were 5, but I didn’t want to dig those out. Sorry, Everyone. You’re welcome, Wes.


And his wife Laura? Fantastic. The best little (seriously! Look how cute an petite she is!) Mamma you could ever find.

The Wes’ are also very close friends. We are always graced with a visit from them when they come to visit. They live in Denver. Dumb Denver…


They are seriously some of the best folks around, and if you’d like to help them get their next baby, I know they would be eternally grateful. Here’s where you can learn more about them, and here is where you can donate to help them bring their next child home.

Please consider giving a little. Adoption is an amazing thing we are blessed with and I know it changed my life. Help them change someone else’s.

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