102016 – 102216: Homecoming, Camping, Family

We’ve been busier than usual this week. Which says a lot.

The kids still love Tiger.

I forced them to let Tiger pick who he wanted to sit with. And he chose to sit right in between them.

I believe we officially have his fleas gone, thanks Advantage.

And then we had Homecoming stuff. Kailey was in the parade. She wore an adorable little dress. And she’s adorable herself.

After the parade got rained out (so much rain, so many wet kids… it was funny and it wasn’t.) We all met u and ate together. Me and my brothers took a picture because we never do that. I look awful because my hair was still wet from running in the rain to my car.

I even got a picture with my nephew, Bradyn, who hates taking pictures. I had to sneak and get this one.

And then Friday was actual homecoming. So, Kailey and I took some pictures in her pretty dress. Here are some of my favorites.

A true laugh.

I really like this one of her and Nick.

And of course, I had to get one with her and my Luc.

And then homecoming was over and we all took a sigh of relief. Lucy was upset that Kailey didn’t “win” Queen and I had to explain how that worked with Kailey being a junior.

The boys took a camping trip on Friday so Lucy and I had a girls morning. Donuts!

Then we went to Sam’s and Walmart and looked around and had a good ole time. And then we made it home and got unloaded and waited for the guys. They came in and showed us all their pictures.

Didn’t realize how much I’d miss this little guy and his Daddy, too!

Papa J met all the boys and I know Judah loved that.

My little outdoorsman.

And thanks to uncle Sam for taking these. (not the government, our actual uncle Sam…) haha!

And that’s been our week. This week is set up to be MUCH slower paced, and I’ve already gotten done a lot of my grocery shopping, so I’m hoping to get a lot of school done and get caught up on housework from last week. Y’all have a good week – I’m so glad fall is finally here! (Even if it was just for this weekend!)

101316 – 101816: Warm October

It hasn’t felt quite like October yet, given it’s been so dang hot. But we are pushing through with school and regular busy-ness that we always have. 

I’ve started on my scepter and my matching earrings for my costume. I’m super pumped. 

Sam brought over a slack line so we are officially hippies. Hammocks, cats & dogs, pop up, chickens everywhere, slack line. Everyone barefoot. Yeah, were hippies. 

And my beautiful niece got homecoming maid again. Gah, she is gorgeous! I’ve been working on her signs for her parade and homecoming night. I’m so happy for this sweet girl. She deserves it. 

And I’ve had classes, and church events, and a ton of other little things that add to our busy lives and so, I haven’t blogged much. 

And finally… this little gal. 

Looking more and more grown as the days go by. I love watching her grow and learn. I’m so blessed. 

That’s about it for now! 

100916 – 101216: School Catch-up and Tiger

Right before we left for our vacation… Judah found a little surprise outside. 

So, now we have a kitten. Meet Tiger. 

So we’ve done school and petted the cat and more school and more cat. 

We got rid of a rat infestation near our chicken coop. 

There were 11 more besides these two. YUCK. 

We toured the Mississippi Fire Academy with our homeschool group on Wednesday and it was really cool. The kids loved it. 

And then business with church and that can be exhausting. And of course… more kitten time. 
They do have trouble sharing him. He’s a very sweet kitten and hasn’t minded their constant playing. There were a few days where I didn’t know if he’d be able to walk, given my kids hadn’t put him down at all. He is fine though. He seems to put up with them really well, so that’s good. 

Hope your weekend is fantastic! 

100616 – 100816: Cruisin’ the Coast

We came to Cruisin’ the Coast last year and really enjoyed our time (even with a blowout and a breakdown or two). So we decided to try again, in a different ride. 

And it’s been fantastic. 

We left after the funeral on Wednesday and we’ve been riding and sitting ever since. 

The kids have been playing in the sand. And sand is everywhere. But they love it. 

We’ve actually been quite lazy. And it’s been really, really nice. I’m not sure a day has gone by since Johnpaul arrived back in Mid-September that we haven’t been needed by someone or something else. 

So, having some just family time has been needed. Papa J and Nana came down with us and so the kids have had fun with them too. 

And we’ve seen some really cool cars. Our kids loved this one. It had a minion in the back. 

We’ve relaxed and eaten until we were stuffed. We’ve relaxed, watched cars, and really had a good time. 

And we’ve worn out the kids a time or two. 

If they stop long enough, they go out. What sweet babies. 

Thank you to everyone who has been with us through these past few weeks. You all are great. Thank you for our pastors appreciation day- your donation was used for this trip. We have really enjoyed it all. It’s been great. 

We are headed back today and will get back to our daily grind soon. We will hopefully come back with a rested mindset. 

100216 – 100516: Hard Days

Everyone knows that a Pastor has a lot on his mind at any given time. They know that when crisis strikes, generally the pastor is one of the first to know. 

A side note to this: We as his family are in this with him. 

We are a pastoring family. I don’t like calling myself a pastor, but in a sense, I guess I am. 

We were exhausted after Johnpauls departure, just the overwhelming need that they have and our lack of knowing what’s going on, on that side of the world. And we were so blessed by his visit, but it was a little draining. We’d welcome him back in a second though. 

Once he left for his next stop, we took a deep breath, and tried to get back to normal. 

That lasted a few days. 

We got a call Monday morning that a dear friend of ours had been in a car accident. He was one of our church members, and we had recently asked him to come on as one of our deacons. He was always growing and learning and was a devoted husband and father. It was a shock and still is that he is no longer with us. 

We had a vacation planned and now that everything is finished, our goal is to just think about our family and be grateful for them. 

Thank you for your prayers in lifting up his family, that will be grieving for a long time to come. Pray for your pastor, whoever he might be, because he deals with so much more than you’ll ever realize. 

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