112816 – 113016: School work and Devastation and a Christmas Miracle

I’ve been trying to snap pictures since my new phone has a better camera. I always have taken phone pictures, I’m just glad I’ve got one that will record all the moments well. Like this one. 

And… even this one. She got mad at me because she got so high. I caught her… no big deal. 

And this little moment as we were taking a walk on the warmest day we’ve had. 

And Lucy has been hard at work on her book diorama. We are doing Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

She’s done almost all the work. Seriously proud of her. I’ll post her completed pics once we get it all glued up. 
And my devastation. 

I dropped my watch and it imploded. That was from one drop!! 

And my Christmas miracle:

I called Apple (weeping), and they are so graciously going to fix it for free (I did not have apple care…) I know, I know, I should have gotten it. But I didn’t and here we are. I’ve also ordered 2 cases that I’ll have in hand before my fixed watch gets back to me. So… I’m a super super grateful lady to the Apple Advisor who decided I was worth helping. Thank you sir!!

Ok- off to start today!

112416 – 112716: Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I, believe it or not, took not almost no pictures during our thanksgiving get togethers. Which, just means I wasn’t in my phone much. 

I did get this one of my beautiful girls.

And I did take this one. 

This is Wesley and Paul and their mother’s dad, their grandfather. And we threw Judah in there for an extra generation. Leon is 82. That’s Judah’s Great-grandpa. 

After the thanksgiving-ness settled and we were all sick from our food, I trodden off to Hattiesburg to try and get a new phone for me and Wes and the Apple Watch. 

And I got it! Wes “upgraded” to the smaller SE iPhone and he loves it. I for real upgraded to the 7 and I love it. And my watch is so cool. Never in my life did I think a watch could do all that this thing does. 

And the camera on my phone is so awesome. I’ve sold and worked quite a bit to earn enough money for my watch and I’m happy I did it. 

The pictures it takes are really fantastic. Here’s Judah and one of his many chickens. 

And my precious weird Lucy. 

She is true to herself that’s for sure. I had JUST pulled her out of the mud. You can barely see her pink boots. 

My cold did not get better. It got worse and I spent a couple of days in the bed. Today, my cough is less and my most isn’t quite as stopped up and I feel a lot better. Hopefully I’ll be on the mend for real now. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!

112016 – 112316: Pre-Thanksgiving

We’ve had a slow couple of days. I got slapped with a cold and I’m edging toward being better, but not completely.

The kids were wrestled with, and screamed of course. Daddy loves wrestling with them. Judah loves screaming.

This picture looks a lot calmer than it is.

Sunday was great. We had baptisms and it was awesome as always. We had a big lunch afterwards and that was great too. We love our Church family.


Tiger is still being messed with on a daily basis… poor cat. Our outside cat always tries to run in, and our inside cat always tries to run out. Hm…..

I doubt I’ll post again until after the festivities (Thanksgiving and Black Friday) so you guys have fun, eat a lot, be careful shopping, and be good!!


111816 + 111916: Wizard of Oz and a Miracle

My Brother and Sister-in-Law had ordered Tickets to see Wizard of Oz in Hattiesburg with Ms. Steph, and something came up and they weren’t able to go, so Ms. Steph invited me and Lucy. We went to eat before and then went to the show.

Lucy loves her Uncle Paul, that’s for sure.

And we enjoyed the show! It was really good.

And then our little miracle…

Wes works on his vehicles a lot, and he always needs a light. Well, our handy phones are great flashlights… So he uses his phone quite a bit while working on his vehicles.

Saturday he was piddling with something on his truck, and he got it fixed, took it for a drive to make sure it was fixed, and then came home. He realized once he got back from his around 2 mile test drive, that he had left his phone under the truck on one of the shock support things (Don’t hate me Wes, I have no clue what the thing is that the phone was left on…)

He knew it bounced off somewhere down the road and he ran over it. He looked under the truck, then came and got me to show me the miracle.

Right where he left it. Light still on and everything. He drove at least 2 miles, and it didn’t move. Praise God man! Those phones are pricy!!

Jesus is watching out for us all the time and we rarely give him the credit for it. He get’s it for sure today. Thank you Jesus for us not losing that phone! It’s a silly praise, but it’s a praise none the less.

111416 – 111716: Goofy boy and Sweet Girl

Not so much to report. We’ve had a busy week. Just a lot going on with life and whatnot. I had 3 art classes this week and then Eve Thursday night and something planned this evening, so it’s been sorta hectic.

The kids have been sleeping good though. Judah crawled in bed with sister and she used him like a pillow.

Lucy’s been doing chores around the house for money, and she’s saved up enough to go shopping. (That’s actually only $9.) Each time she loads or unloads the dishwasher, she gets 50 cents. So that took her a few days to earn up to that. Plus she had a couple of bucks in her piggy bank. I’ve also clarified to her that she will not always get money to do the dishes. That will become a chore that she has just because she lives in our family, but right now, at 6? She’ll get a little money for it.

She bought a Cinderella carriage and little doll from ToysRus. And Judah scrounged up some money (he found it in the laundry room, couch, daddy’s bedside table) and got 2 hot wheels.

We got invited for lunch by Mamie, and I got the cutest picture of the two.

And we truly have the goofiest 4 year old. He walked in like this the other day. Little monkey boy.

Ever seen a chicken molt? They make ugly critters for sure. The one in the back is supposed to look like the one in the front. And they don’t lay eggs. So we are currently buying chicken feed AND eggs.

And this little joker here… He was carrying around this bible last week at church, and when people would talk to him, he’d say, “Shhh! I’m trying to study…” Wonder where he’s heard that? Ha!


Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

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