052315 + 052415: Lucy’s Wedding Day

Happy Memorial Day, for starters. As I’ve said many times before, there is a lot wrong with our country, but our freedom is still here and we should still be so grateful to those who did pay the ultimate cost for that. We salute the familys of those fallen men and women and we thank […]

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052115 + 052215: work days and a big boy

I worked most of the day Friday. Got took to the hospital and see some little bittie babies. One of my favorite parts of my soon-ending job.  Thursday was filled with helping Wes in the shop with the “new” car. 1966 Chrysler 300.   Judah is now full on, non-stop, all the time into stuff. […]

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051915 + 052015: unmotivated

A few days back, 050515 I believe, I wrote about being burdened. Having a lot on my mind and just being at odds with myself.  I’m quitting my job.  I’ve been around and around and finally landed on the only answer that doesn’t make me say, “no, I just can’t!” I’m coming home. I’m starting […]

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051715 + 051815: unwinding

Y’know how you need a vacation, after a vacation?  That’s me.  I’ve washed a lot of clothes and gotten my camper put back down and got my house back to crazy – and now I need another vacation.  I started my new journal, it’s a moleskin. I’m not writing daily “things we did” pages, instead […]

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051515 + 051615: last of the beach days

Our week has come to a close. We are tired and worn out and sun kissed and we got sand in every cranny we can find. We are happy to have had a vacation and we’ve already started planning our next one. We had a great time as always and will definitely come back again, […]

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