022615: Day 3… No More Potty Training

I started the day out like yesterday. Potty training on the brain. After 5 accidents back to back and him still showing ZERO interest and me starting to lose my mind with frustration… We decided it’s not time. Also, I googled it. He can’t hold it for more than 15-20 minutes, and today was peeing […]

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022515: Potty Training day 2

Day two went pretty well. Really shocked actually. He never told me himself that he needed to go, but I’m hoping by Friday he will be doing that. He also tee teed about every 15-20 minutes, so tomorrow we willie working on pushing those back a little.  At one point Lucy used her little brothers […]

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022415: Big boy day, girls night out

I went into target on Monday, and bought some of the cutest underwear under the sun. I thought little girl clothes were cuteC but the Olaf undies will be hard to beat.  So Wes and I thought maybe it’s time to try and potty train Judah. I mean, he’s 2.5.  With Lucy, we let her […]

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022215 + 022315: 4 Prayer Requests

Sunday was great- as usual. Good word was brought. After church I went to a funeral of the grandfather to two of my close friends, a church member. He was an outstanding man and it was sad to see his family mourn, but great knowing he went to meet Jesus. Then Monday. Oh goodness Monday. […]

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022115: The Devil Music Co.

I sent Lucy with Aunt Christy and Uncle Paul yesterday, and then today we dropped little Judah off too. We met up with some friends of ours, Miranda and Kevin and ate a little dinner and then went off to see a few bands play. I’m so blessed that when I lead worship at our […]

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