042616 + 042716: shopping and class

Tuesday I went to Hattiesburg to pick up some stuff for my kids. Once I had dropped off all their too-little clothes last week, I realized, they had outgrown a lot. 

Then I had my Michaels class. Here are my lovely students!

Each one of these ladies I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at least twice, and they are fantastic gals. 

Before I left, Lucy had requested a new swimsuit. All of her old ones are one piece suits and a little bit short. She also requested an Ariel suit. 

I made her super happy. 

Side note: Lucy will be 6 in June, this sit is a 4T, AND I had to take in the bottoms on each side so it would stay up. She’s too long for her width! 

And both kiddos got much needed new kicks. I scoured Hattiesburg looking for shoes that wouldn’t break the bank. Sure, I could buy my kiddos fancy Nikes or something… But I’m just going to pay $50 for shoes they are going to wear for 6-9 months and then outgrow. 

And apparently my brain matchy-matches stuff because their shoes have themes. 

Judah’s are black. All bought from different stores. 

And Lucy’s are teal and pink. 

Thank you, Walmart, for selling tennis shoes under $25 for kids. 

And both kids were super excited about their new shoes. And yes, they are bobo Velcro shoes… But my kids can put them on by themselves and that’s what really matters in life, haha! 

Finally, thank you all so much for the love on our church van! The shares, the like-, it’s really been amazing. Our goal was to make people smile and I feel like we’ve succeeded! 

042316 – 042516: #DPCchurchVAN

If you haven’t seen this… Watch it now.

This is officially our church van (or one of them.)

We did this in hopes to make people smile. We wanted it fun, we wanted it to be a reminder to folks and we wanted to brighten some days!


So if you see the van.. snap a picture with it. Post it on Facebook or Instagram and put the tag #DPCchurchvan so we can see it and find you and see your big ol’ smiles!

Hope you guys enjoy!

042116 + 042216: A class and a Wedding

I taught at a homeschool group Thursday. We did a class on Jackson Pollock. 

The kids got into it. And I was covered in dots. 

I had Michaels class Friday, which went well. I had errands to do before class and I managed to squeeze most in. I had to get some stuff for our upcoming trip. 

I got everything we needed and a little bit. I did my nails and toes. Had 2 in my class. 

I’m partially through a cleanse I’m doing. I eat very little and drink a special mix of stuff during the day, and then I eat a regular balanced meal at night. I’m loving it so far. I’ve always had a screwed up stomach, and so far it’s helping. 

And then we got dressed up for the wedding and that was our Friday night. 

Today I’m trying to get caught up on my house from the craziness of this week…

So I slept in! (Til 7, calm down). Ok, I’m off to try and get stuff together!

041616 – 042016: catchup again!

My week has been a blur so far. Monday we cleaned up the yard and did a lot of school catching up. Then we took a walk and had a snack. 

Tuesday we did some school and then I had to drop off a ton of clothes to a consignment place in Hattiesburg. Then I had my painting class. I had four sign ups! 

I let Lucy paint with me for the lesson plan I was doing. She did pretty good for 5!

Wednesday I cleaned a house (a new side gig) and then had church and helped with fundraiser prep. 

Today I’m doing a class for a homeschool group. 

Tomorrow I have Michaels class again, and a wedding in the evening. 

I’ve literally not stopped since Monday. When I do stop, it’s to do school or clean the house up a little. It’s been crazy. 

So.. I guess I need to dash of and get busy. See y’all sometime next week, haha!

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