071916 – 072116: The Movies

Mawmaw treated us all to a movie! Secret Life of Pets was very cute. My kiddos definitely enjoyed it. Judah, also enjoyed walking around and talking with the movie-goers ahead of us. (Yikes, and I’m sorry!!)

We had lunch at Chickfila, which my kiddos always love. Then we had some errands at the grocery store. Judah always likes to be entertained entertain while we wait for the checkout. 

Mawmaw dropped me off after the movie and then took our little boogers home with her. She’s going to keep them for 2 nights. They will have a blast and I will too. (Ha! And by blast I mean a nap.)

And we cleaned out the chicken box and on their way back into the box, we snapped some pictures for reference. Here are their tiny little peeping mugshots. 

Peep, Chirp, and Quack all look VERY much alike. Almost no difference in those three. Ruby, Red, Rose are similar, but there are tiny differences in their faces and wing tips. The rest for the most part I can pick out pretty easy. Willie and Nillie are the same breed, but Willies wings are way whiter than Nillies. Pickle looks like Peep, Chirp and Quack on her back, but her face doesn’t have distinct lines.

We’ve spent a lot of time watching our chicks….

And then a friend of mine asked for a little help with a cake she’s making. So, more playing in fondant for me!

I’ve got class this Friday, and then I’m home for the afternoon to do a whole lotta NOTHING. Hope your weekend sounds like mine!

071516 – 071816: Weekends and our Named Chickens

Well, we got new fish…

All cichlids. All different species. Now, I know, I know- that’s not the best way to keep cichlids. I will say that all of my fish are super happy little guys (and gals) and some are even doing some mating routines- so they are comfortable with each other. Glad my fish aren’t racist! Haha!! We have 6 total. And they are so fun to watch. 

They chase each other and race for food. They swim up to see me when I sit to look at them. They are so fun. They are in process of being named. Except one- the first one in the picture- bright yellow? That’s Sunshine. Lucy named her. 

And I got new hair. 

Was NOT aiming for blond ombré, but once I got to this point I decided to stop because I really like it. I was going to try the grey again, but why mess with a good thang? Thank you Emily and Dusty for adventuring with me! 

And my chicks. We lost 2 of our Egyptian Fayoumis. One in the first 2 days, one the day after. I only ordered 3, so I’m really hoping the last one doesn’t die. 

And we’ve officially named them all. 

  • Meriweather, Dill, and Pickle (our americaunas)
  • Nugget (our Dominiquer) 
  • Cinder and Ella (blue Andalusians- cinder is dark and Ella is white, and they are going to look silvery blue like glass slippers)
  • Spice (our last Fayoumis… She looks like pepper now and when her feathers come in she’ll be black and white like salt and pepper!)
  • Red, Rose, and Ruby (our Rhode Island reds)
  • Willie and Nillie (our Silver Hamburgs)
  • Peep, Chirp, and Quack (our silver leghorns- these names are from a bird cartoon show. Yes, we’ll have a chicken named Quack.)

Money says I forget these names. Oh wait! I’ve written them on the box so we don’t forget! Haha! Fun times. 

This also guarantees we won’t eat them later on. I couldn’t make a pot pie using Willie or Pickle. 😂😂

Hope your week is going great!

071116 – 071416: CHICKENS

Lordy at the animals we keep at the Kirkley household. 

Currently…. There are 22 critters living in my house. (That I know of.)

Our baby chicks came in Thursday. We had ordered 15, and they always throw in one rare chick. Well, 2 of the types of birds I ordered weren’t available, so they substituted with 3 of a different breed.  (Yes, we order weird breeds of chickens.) I like the pretty different feathers. 

Currently, they are all fluffy and teensy. 

And constantly at threat by my 2. 

I’ve told them numerous times, “do not kiss the chickens…” They haven’t… Yet. 

And for those of you who know that chickens can carry disease.. We do have our germx there for when they are done. I also make them wash their hands if they’ve touched more than 2 (every dang time…)

Our chicks will turn into these:

  • Top left: Blue Andalusians 
  • Top right: Egyptian Fayoumis
  • Bot left: Silver leghorns
  • Bot right: Silver Spangled Hamburgs

I really like an interesting flock to look at and these along with my few Rhode Island reds and Easter eggers that we ordered… I believe will do the trick. 

So we’ve been playing with the chicks. We got a prime order in and so we rearranged our tank and added some rocks I picked up at the local pet store. 

Our little fish are still shy, so we are going to add a couple more to it to help them with their loneliness/shyness. 

And we took a little break from school binding and workin on the truck (Wes, obviously not me…) to go to the river.

It was COLD. And AWESOME. 

So, we’ve got a busy few weeks to go taking care of all of our new additions. My kids are loving it. And who am I kidding.. The 8 year old me would be so proud of the woman I’ve become (with a house full of animals). Only difference is that 8 year old me would still want a horse. 

Anyways… Hope your weekend gets here quick! 

070816 – 071016: FISH

We lost our betta fish a week or so ago, so we decided to clean out the tank and start over with some new fish. 

The location of our tank wasn’t great… Too much sun so there was quite a bit of algae growth. We cleaned it and moved it.

When we went to get new fish, we ran into the same ole problem we’ve always had. We’ve got a teensy tank. 5 gallons. You can’t safely put more than about 3 fish in it at a time. Safest is 1. 

So I posted on Fb to see if anyone had an old tank they wouldn’t mind giving us. 

We had several folks reply (which, oh my goodness, you guys are all awesome!) and ended up going with the largest tank I felt like we could manage. A 30 gallon. 

Compared to our original one… It’s enormous!! 

Lucy drew Mr. Bobby and Ms. Sam a thank you card that was adorable.

And we got t all set up and went as a family to get some fish Sunday night. 

You should have heard this girl squeal when she saw the new tank. 

We could easily fit our kids in this tank. I really like that it’s tall though. 

And the little castle we got for our other tank? Lucy flipped when one of or new fish went in it!

Since the big move- we have lost one fish. Hoping she’s not so upset about it. 

And with it being Prime week- they are offering $70 instant discount if you open a card (that’s $70 free instantly!) so I’m going to order some bigger plants for the tank since all of our stuff is about 6″ tall and our new tank is about 24″ tall. 

Hooray for fish!

070516 – 070716: School prep!

This will be a hodge-podge of pictures from our past couple of days. 

I heard Judah squealing in his room for help… He was stuck. 

After my class at Michaels I walked out to a beautiful sunset. I like ending class with a little daylight to spare. 

And then Wednesday. 

I spent almost all day working on making Judah’s preK booklets. I got through with his first 99 days. 

I glanced over and saw our two inside furries napping together. 

And finally…

I cut Judah’s hair. And it… Got outta hand. 

Now he’s got a basically shaved head and he doesn’t look like my Judah! It’s taken me a lot of getting used to. He likes it, and that’s what counts. It will not be this short again, as soon as it grows out… I miss his long hair. 🙁
He looks so grown!!

Ok. I’m off to tackle Friday. Y’all have a good day! 

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