070115 + 070215: July is here!

July is here and it shouldn’t really surprise us. We know it comes after June, but it just seems to have arrived quickly. Wednesday we went and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the movies (Summer Kids Fun). I love that they do this each summer. $3.50 for a movie, drink and popcorn! Can’t beat it. My kids much prefer watching movies they’ve seen too, so it works out well for us. 

It also helps teach them to be quiet in the movies and that you can’t get up and walk around *ahem Judah*. 

After, we went to Toys R Us to spend their birthday money. Lucy’s starting to read and when we pulled up she said, “This isn’t Toys are us, it’s Toys Rus.” Haha! She’s so particular about her words now. Every time she sees on of her sight words somewhere, she says “hey! Why are my sight words here?” She doesn’t realize that is why they are called sight words. 

It was fun watching their struggle to spend only their budget. The last time I let them spend their own money, we shopped on Amazon, and I could select their budget- all they could see was what they could afford. 
We left with a monster truck (shocker there right?!), playdoh, another singing bird, and some play food. It was a success. 

And I’ve kept my house clean, done school, and stayed on budget. I feel accomplished! 
Thursday I got to ride with Wes on his motorcycle some, because Mawmaw had the kids. They had fun. No surprise there!


This kid is so goofy!!

And Lucy refused to smile, as always. 
Hope your June was great- welcome to July!

063015: just Tuesday 

We did school early in the day after Mary went home, and then it started pouring. So we hung out inside. 

When Mary was over, I was still on the final touches of deep cleaning, so yesterday I maintained and worked on my household notebook. 
Then the skies cleared and we went for a walk!

  And then we played a little and that was most of our day. 
I did want to show you this. 

This is the face he makes at me when I successfully tee tee on the potty. He’s so proud of me. (You can tell what we are working on). And he’s still not quite there yet. It’s been a while, but since I was working he hasn’t been consistently in underwear. He’s been in underwear consistently since Monday- so I’m hoping that’ll help him. 

And that was Tuesday! 

062915: the Sleepover

Lucy’s best friend, Mary, wasn’t able to come to her party on Saturday, so she came to spend the night with her instead!

These silly girls had so much fun.





Lucy and Mary were playing. I snuck in the room behind them and started snapping some pictures. Lucy turned around and said, “What are you doing?” I said, “Taking your picture. Y’all are so cute.” This is the face she made as she was saying, “No we’re not.” Gah, already acting like a teenager.

And of course, J-man had to join in. He can’t stand that Mary comes over to play with Lucy and not him. Every time he rounded a corner and she was there he’d say, “Hey Mary! Howya doing?” Haha!



They had quite a blast and I’m glad Lucy got to spend some good quality time with her BFF. I didn’t actually see them much the whole evening. They stayed in Lucy’s room most of the time. When I’d pop in they would be alternating wearing the chef gear that Lucy got for her birthday and the other would be at the dinner table eating… whatever it was they were cooking up. What cuties!


062815: Lucy Bea

Yesterday was Lucy’s Birthday. The actual day of her birth, five years ago. She was so small when she was born. Such a tiny thing.

Lucy Bea

Then she was one.

One became two.
Lucy Turns 2!

Two turned into three.

Three into four.

And four into five.
Lucy Bea

She’s sensitive and sweet. She’s got a huge heart for animals and wants to take care of them all. She cries if we leave without a bye hug and she jumps with excitement when we come back home, even if we’ve been gone for 30 minutes. She’s inquisitive and will ask questions for hours, or as long as I’ll keep answering them. She drives her brother crazy and she is so independent. She wants to do everything herself and rarely asks for help. She asks me to hum to her every night before bed. She makes me understand the love my mom had for me growing up. I am so glad I get to raise a girl of my own.

Lucy Bea makes my life better, every single day.

062615 + 062715: last day of work + birthday party

Friday was my very last day of work. It was a good way to end working, not really doing what I always do, which was a nice change. I am glad that chapter has closed. I feel like I can move on now.

Saturday I got busy decorating for Lucy’s (and Judah’s) Party. It was mostly for her, being that she is turning 5, but since Judah’s birthday is only a short 4 weeks away, it’s easier to do it all in one batch instead of two, especially for out of town family.

Birthday party for Lucy and Judah 6-27-15

It was My Little Pony themed and it was awesome.
Birthday party for Lucy and Judah 6-27-15
Birthday party for Lucy and Judah 6-27-15

Judah had a little table off to the side for his cake.
Birthday party for Lucy and Judah 6-27-15

I need to stop her and discuss Lucy’s cake. Kristen Smith made the cake and it was soft, declicous and absolutely adorable. It was so fun on the insdie too!
Birthday party for Lucy and Judah 6-27-15
Birthday party for Lucy and Judah 6-27-15

And my kids are so so blessed.

The kids swam in the one hour rain break, mind you. It had a forecast of 90% rain, but ended up being overcast and nice enough outside to actually sit in it. Then we came inside and did presents and cake and ate hot dogs. I have a lot of hot dogs left over.. Like 60 at least. So… We’ll be eating hot dogs for lunch if any of you wanna come over for hot dogs.

We left with a carload, and a hatchback full of stuff for them. They played so hard even after we got home.

The kids had so many fun presents.
They’ll be occupied for at least a couple of days!

And I cannot believe that my Lucy is 5 today.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a Lucy growing up post so.. get your Kleenex ready. She’s a big girl now!!

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