112815: Final Thanksgiving meal

We had my family Thanksgiving meal today. We usually do it the Saturday afterThanksgiving  because it’s usually the only time we can all get together. 

We had a ton of food and it was so good. 

Then we started sifting through old pictures. 


We found some stuff that was super old:


That is my great great grandmother and grandfather, Ophee and Henry Shoemaker, with their 4 children. The child on the far left is my great grandmother, Winnie Shoemaker, my grandmother’s mom. 

Then we also found some jewels like this:

All dressed the same, in case they got separated at Disneyworld. So perfect.

And I found this: 

It’s me and my brothers, when they were only my cousins. We don’t have a lot of pictures, just the three of us, and I believe this is one of 2 photos of us three together as kids. 

And then I took some pictures of my beautiful niece and beautiful daughter. 

Judah stayed busy with his big cousin Bradyn. This was after an hour of them running and Bradyn “scaring” them by looking their direction behind a wall. 

And this was Judah before we left. What a kid. 

And finally- my cute little house all decorated for Christmas!


And our fence row, too!


Our Thanksgiving festivities have come to a close for 2015, and we had a blast. We are super thankful for Gods many rich blessings. 

112615 – 112715: Thanksgiving and Shopping

We had Thanksgiving lunch at Wes’ moms house on Thabksgiving day. Before we went over we got our Christmas decorations out and started on the outside of our house. 

By the end of Friday, the house was done. 

I haven’t taken any pictures of the outside, I’ll have to do that. Here is our cute little tree!

I also went shopping, Thursday night and Friday morning (very early to get back home.)

I got some great deals and the crowds really weren’t bad at all. We didn’t go for big ticket items though, and we got there about an hour after opening, so it was like a really busy day. 

Honestly, it’ll probably be worse the few days before Christmas. 

I managed to snag actual Disney brand barbies, Cinderella, Ariel, Anna, Elsa and Christoph, and summer Anna and Elsa, for 5.99 each at Kohls. I’ve got a start on Lucy’s birthday and Christmas next year already. These dolls were marked 14.99 up to 21.99 each. 

We had a 15% off code too, but still got our $15 Kohls cash and a 25% off code too. Yes!

We went to Toys R Us and got a few things, and then got some items at Walmart. I also got coffee and turkey bacon because we were out. I wasn’t the only one grocery shopping. I somehow managed to find walmarts only small buggy, (the little half size buggy), and I was beyond excited about that. Easily manauverable and yet held everything we needed! 

I always have fun shopping. I’m now finished with Christmas gifts. I started shopping for Christmas back in April though. I got everything I’ve purchased on sale with a couple of exceptions. But I’m done and it feels great!!  


112315 – 112515: Louisiana Thanksgiving

We went down to visit with Wesley’s Dad and family. The kiddos love their Papa J and Nana. I had full fledged allergy attack the whole time we were down there so I wasn’t feeling great… Up until Wes called me out to their shop. 


There were two of these beauts… These were gifted to Papa J about 7 months ago- Wes got them out, and being the handyman that he is, got them running. 

After the brisk air in my hair, I was perked up.  We are and rested and had fun messing around on the sprees. 

And of course we had to race. 

And… Ahem…. You see who won. Two out of three. 

Not for lack of trying!


We had a blast on the little scooters. They max out at about 35mph. So fun. 

We had lovely weather the whole trip and we are glad we got to come visit with everyone. 

Almost forgot! The cute cousins picture:

Beau, (aaaalmost 2), Carmela 2, Judah 3, Evan 5, and Lucy 5.  
And these two boys.

They were getting into it together. Beau loves his cousins and they love him. 

We had a great time with family, and can’t wait til Christmas. 

I feel like we’ll have another matchup, Wes and I on the sprees. 

112215: Thanksgiving at Church

We had our church Thanksgiving service Sunday. 

I am ever blown away by our people. 

We had a great turn out for church and the food afterwards…. Well, let’s just say we all got more than enough. 

It was so fantastic to have everyone together for one Sunday. It was a great day. 

And because I didn’t take any pictures, here’s one from last week.  

In the rabbit pen, of course. 

Y’all have a safe and cool week! 

111915 – 112115: sister and brother

Kiddos have been eerily playful with each other here recently. Not that I mind, it’s just uncommon. 

It’s like they’ve finally realized that they have a person to play with at their disposal, all the time, in their own house!

I’ve been enjoying it. 

Then we went for donuts. 

She sincerely looked up at her daddy and said, “are you gonna eat that last donut?” 

She put some donuts away. 

We had a nice morning. Really glad little donut shops exist in Collins so that me and my family can get some sweet treats from time to time. 

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