032615: just a day

Didnt do a whole bunch today. Tried to keep my foot up as much as possible. Had a small child join me, except instead of laying with me…   And then later I got my hair done!      I will miss these days. Not the broken toe days… But the days where Lucy sits […]

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032515: hobbling

I woke up and was able to bend my toe farther, actually way farther, than I had the night before, so I started thinking… Maybe I didn’t actually break it. Maybe it’s just a terrible bruise.  After all day or not taking it as easy as I should have… I’m back to.. Yes. It’s definitely […]

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032415: broken toe

I have not gone to the dr, but I’m 94% sure that my toe is broken. Major trauma to my big toe. So much so, that in the middle of the night Monday night I couldn’t sleep.  So much pain from the bleeding under the nail I actually went out to wesleys shop at 3:15am […]

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032315: The Beans’ Revenge

So, a few weeks back I tweeted something to the effect of: I hit myself in the face with a can of beans if you’d like to feel better about your day.  It had happened by sheer luck and physics that I smacked my jaw with a can of beans in a bag from the […]

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032215: Sunday

Not much besides great church Sundays are busy as it is, but we just started night services back! Wahoo! And we get to do some harmony and it’s so much fun. Super intimate worship, super laid back, with people of a like mind. Doesn’t that sound like a place you never want to leave?! Well. […]

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