082615 + 082715: I’m over it. 

I’m actually not over the bug, but I’m over feeling sick constantly. 

I wake up, and if I eat I feel sick, if I don’t eat, I feel sick. I don’t actually throw up, I just feel like I might. Usually by 3pm, it passes and I go back to just upset stomach. Which I’m now on week 3, so that’s still loads of fun 

My kids play rough while I lay around trying not to vomit and Thursday Lucy got herself a shiner.  

Like father like daughter. 


I’m hoping the dark will go away soon. 

She screamed when it happened and I though someone had lost a limb. I know it hurt. The back of Judah’s head hit her, and it hit her perfectly to where above and below her eye swelled up. 

Poor girl. 

Say a prayer for me, and luc. 


082415 + 082515: still don’t visit


As if 2 weeks worth of upset stomach wasn’t enough, I woke up Tuesday morning hugging a trash can. I guess it was only fair that everyone else in my house puked… It was my turn. 

We had planned on taking the kids to see Shaun the Sheep on Tuesday though, and it was the last day of it in the theater. Wes stepped up and took the kids anyway. I got cute picture updates.

Monday evening we played with the rabbits. And we found a turtle! Fables came to life.  

And then our youngest couldn’t stop playing with the turtle… Whilst he was naked. 

We cannon keep clothes on that kid. 

Lucy’s nerves get all out of whack when we play with the bunnies in the church yard. Because they can still sneak out of the fence, we have to watch them closely. Lucy gets beside herself with fear that the bunnies will escape. 

The whole time we were out there, “can we please take them back to their cage now?!”

Lucy helped Judah get his swim trunks on too, which was so funny to listen too. 

Her legs are longer than his, so she just kept pulling the shorts up. 

At least they were working together. 

And what a great day Tuesday was, minus the sicknesses. It felt amazing to be outside, the 3 times I was able to sit out. 

I am hoping now that I’ve thrown up, that my body can start getting back to normal and no one else in my house will puke for a while. 

082115-082315: don’t visit us

Gah, I swear everyone in my house has something. 
Wes was throwing up all Saturday night. 

Lucy threw up Sunday and Sunday night. 

I finally stopped my crazy stomach whatever issue I had by Saturday. 

I swear to you if I vomit, I’m going to blow my house up and just start over. Running to the bathroom for 2 weeks is more than enough. I don’t want to have to run in there and puke too. 


Don’t visit us. We’re just here… Throwing up and running to the bathroom. Oh, and holding rabbits. 


082015: Sweetest Yet

I didn’t feel great all day Thursday, and kept myself inside for most of the day, and then the rain started to come… again.


But I love rainy-blowing weather, and so do my kids, who happened to both be dressed because Daddy took them for donuts this morning, and so I sent them outside and grabbed my good camera.


And what I caught are the best pics yet. Gotta be. Wanna know why?




They both understand me when I say, “If you will do what I ask, I will give you a surprise!” And they did what I asked and they had fun with it too and I did give them Red Velvet Poptarts once it was done so they were pleased and so was I.


Playing in the Yard

And my carefree wild child.

Playing in the Yard


My serious little man, who does not look like a baby in this picture at all and I DO NOT LIKE IT.

Playing in the Yard


Here’s where bribing began.

Playing in the Yard

It got real thick here. “Prizes and surprises! Hug! Hug! Hug!”

Playing in the Yard

And Judah takes after his Uncle Paul. Judah just wants people to know what he’s capable of. I think it’s a message for future Lucy-Suitors. “I may be a little brother… but I care more about her than you know. And I’ll get you.”

Playing in the Yard

And where the bribing took me. Cannot believe they did this willingly for me. 

Playing in the Yard

And parents of young children know… that even with bribes, kids will only do what they want to do. I am super blessed that my kiddos love each other and want to make me happy too. Their smiles were genuine. They don’t normally kiss each other, but they do laugh and play together all the time.

Playing in the Yard

And of course I want to show this one. Because I get tired of seeing moms only post the perfect shots. This is what the majority of my pictures looked like. Two little goofy kids making faces and not setting up my shots for me.

Playing in the Yard

I may like it the most.


These pictures took a not so fantastic day and made it a million times better. Just with their sweet little faces.

081715-081915: sick house

We’ve been down the past few days. All of us but Wes anyway. Monday I was sick, and have been sick for a week, with upset stomach. Seven days of upset stomach takes it out of you. Then Tuesday, we woke up in the wee early morning with Judah screaming, because he’d thrown up a little. He was real puny all day. Wednesday, it was Lucy’s turn. And I still have whatever is wrong with me. 

I finally broke down and went to the doctor, because diarrhea for 11 days isn’t normal and I started hurting really bad yesterday. They said it could be a number of things, bacterial, viral, or stress related. And they could test a sample and see, but they’d treat it all the same given I didn’t have really any other symptoms. 

So, no need in racking up a bill to find out what it is or isn’t, when treatments are the same. I feel kinda dumb for going to the doctor for stress-related upset stomach, but I guess I’m glad it’s not my gallbladder or appendix or anything. It’s quite frustrating though, and the way the doctor talked, it could last another 2-4 weeks. Faaaantastic.

Still, having sick babies is harder than what I’m dealing with. 

Best part about them being sick? They get better so quick. 

And then they pack bags and pretend to leave my house…

At least they are playing together. 

Hope your week has been better than mine- and if you don’t mind and have a few minutes- shoot up a prayer for me to get better. This stuff is driving me crazy more than anything and I’m ready to be back to my old self. 

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