013015: Cleaning Day

Friday I cleaned all day because we had company coming over. We had a blast with the couple of families that were able to come by. It’s always fun getting together. Our kids all had a blast too. Judah, we found out, is 100% class clown. He did everything in his power to make the […]

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012915: cousins

I got to keep my little nephew today. Lucy loved it as always. We spent most of the day outside enjoying the perfect weather.

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012815: hammocks

Today we spent a big portion of our day trying to get our hammocks hanging just right. Only once did we bust it. Lucy had a blast helping and Judah isn’t a fan of the hammocks. Overall, productive day. Also, if you ever see my kid in public, please note: she dresses herself and I […]

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012715: another Mississippi winter day

At a sunny 70 degrees. Can’t go wrong with days like today!

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012615: work, dance, busy

Monday was a regular Monday, without all the negative of really being a Monday. Nothing terrible happened. Praise God. I got up at 5:15 and worked out, then put dinner in the crock pot, went to work, took Lucy to dance, came home for dinner and then we got the kids in bed. Regular day. […]

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