Just thinkin…

While I was walking back to work a guy passed by me with a limp. He was wearing blue jeans and a striped shirt and he had his back pack on. I immediately thought, what happened to him. Why does he have a limp, then I also wondered, why did he pick out that shirt to wear to school today. I only think about me and my tiny little world, but this guy has his whole wardrobe different from mind. And the guy walking toward us, has a completely different wardrobe than the both of us. So many people with clothes that are different. Why do we pick the clothes we do? Then I thought, maybe his life dysfunctions was why he picked the blue striped shirt. I wanted to ask him if his parents were still together. Then I wondered to myself, if I asked each person I passed by, how many would say yes, my mom and dad are still married? Probably not many. There are probably more people that aren’t married anymore than that are. This is kind of sad. I don’t really know why I think so much. This is my first semester to think this hard. I guess I’m just a wondering type of person. I think people should think. People should think about everything that they know and believe.

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