7/21/09 back in Rome!

Train ride was long. We got in earlier than we thought. We are in Rome again. This time, we are staying at a different Ape Latina (just a different branch). It is MUCH nicer. Air conditioning, refridgerator, microwave. Nice. We are excited. Sleeping good the last two nights.

Today we saw something amazing. We went to The Church of Scala Santa. In this church they have the steps brough from Pontious Pilot’s palace. These are the steps believed to have been walked up and down by Jesus Christ when he was being judged by Pilot. They have now been encased in wood to protect them. The only way to go up the steps, is on your knees.

Gabby and I hit those 28 marble steps and climbe up them with the catholics. It was intense to say the least. To think that my saviors feet actually touched that. Simply amazing.

More blog Later.

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