7/21/09 Back in Rome

Glad to be back in Rome. Things actually look familiar, we know how to get around quickly on the Metro. Its like a HUGE home (6,000 miles away) from home. We went out tonight and took pictures of the Colosseum at night. Really pretty. This thing is HUGE. We are going to it tomorrow to actually go in and walk around and stuff. We are going to St. Peters tomorrow morning at 7 (gonna beat the crowds). Then we go to the Colosseum at 9am. Busy day.

This afternoon we decided to stop and eat at this little panini place. They had big cokes with ice so we thought, YESSSSS. ICE cold (not just kinda cold) cokes. So we ordered our 4euro paninis and decided to sit. We got up to pay and each of our totals was 11,50 euro.. Ok, so where did the other 7,50 euro come from? Turns out, when you sit down to eat at this place, you have what they call a “cover charge”. This made our 4 euro paninis, 6 euro. Add in our 5,50 drink and you’ve got 11,50. RIDICULOUS. Which brings me to…

My list of things I will NOT miss about Italy…

  1. Not having my husband or my family around.
  2. Cover charges, and you needing to leave a tip too (we don’t… oh well).
  3. Not cold drinks
  4. Hot orange juice and hot milk (kind of goes with 3).
  5. Women wearing all white. Yes, white shirt, white pants, and white shoes with a white hat. WHY?
  6. Seeing women’s underwear (and/or nipples) through their white shirts and pants. Seriously, its called nude tone.
  7. Not understanding ANYTHING people say.
  8. Men in colorful, tight pants. Ugh.
  9. Pushy street vendors.
  10. People not getting out of your way, people stopping right in front of you, and people walking in front of you whilst you take a photo.
  11. Man purses.
  12. Paying 3 euro (which is like 5 dollars) for something not worth 1 dollar.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve had more fun and seen so many awesome amazing things here. Its still kind of unreal. But I’ve learned more than anything..


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