7/22/09 Last day in Rome (pt.1)

I woke up this morning, after a wonderful nights sleep at 7 am. We were supposed to be AT St. Peter’s at 7. Oh well. We got there at 8, no line at all. Then we paid 5 euro to walk to the top of this thing. Are you kidding me? It was well over 300 steps. We were hurting (and sweating) a lot by the time we got to the top. Thank goodness it was so far above everything else we had an amazing view. We took several pictures then saw that they had a little cafe on the roof. We got a BIG cold coke for 2 euro. Best 2 euro I’ve spent here.

Then we went back down the other 300 steps and got into the actual Basilica. AMAZING. The Pieta was beautiful. The church (which can hold I believe 60,000) was huge. They house many past popes bodies there. In GLASS caskets. Yup, you can see them. Kinda cool.. also kinda gross. We saw them getting ready for church, then we heard this bell. Out comes a priest, led by two men and followed by men in suits. We thought it was the Pope, but I just looked it up and it wasn’t. Oh well, still pretty cool.

We left there and went back to our room for a minute, then headed to the Colosseum. There must have been 1000 people in line (at least) and we got to walk right past all of them. If you ever go to Rome, DEFINATELY buy your tickets in advance. Saved us probably 3+ hours (today alone). Well worth the extra 2 euro you pay to book online.

So we went in to the Colosseum and walked around it for a while. Again, this thing is massive. Amazing, but also massive. We took lots of pictures and it started getting crowded so we bolted. We found this little resturant right down from where we are staying. Its like you pick out what you want (kind of like at Ramey’s). It was delish. Some of the best food we’ve had. Well, I’m beyond tired now. I guess I’ll take a little nap. I’ll probably do one more post before we leave tomorrow.

Did I mention that we leave tomorrow? We are so excited about that. We counted down the days until we got here, and now we are counting down the hours until we leave. We miss our familys. We miss our language. And our Food. And our Cold drinks. And our A/C. And a lot of other stuff that I could list that will make me even more homesick. See you all soon.

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