7/22/09 Last day in Rome (pt.2)

So today is winding down. Finally. It was a long one.

I wrote after we left the Colosseum. I took a 30 minute nap and then we headed off to Piazza de Popolo (Piazza of the People). We checked out the view again, and walked around until the small church on the corner opened. Gabby is reading Angels and Demons, and wanted to see all the main places, so we trekked around Rome to see them all. I guess I should read the book now, I mean since I’ve seen all the locations.

Anyway, the little church here was beyond creepy. They had music playing, it was very monotone organ music. Very eery. We left there and went to another small chappel and saw… something. Also more creepiness here. Skulls and tombs. Not your average baptist church. (haha).

Then we headed back to the Forums. We walked around a while there. Honestly it all looked the same and we were about to die (seriously), so we went and got some food. We ate at the same little place we went before. We bot got cokes and hot dogs and it was 9 euro total. Not too shabby.

We came back and I was checkin for the easiest way to get back to the airport and I looked up the times to the post office so I could mail the postcards I got some people. They closed at 6:00. It was 5:38 when I checked my phone. I was off.

Gab’s was still in some pain (wimp) and so I ran down the stairs and hopped on the metro. I got to the post office finally, to see that it was already closed. I asked a lady if the other one in the train station might still be open. She said it stayed open til like 10pm. I hurried anyway. Glad I did. They closed at 6 too, and i walked up at 5:55. There was a lady at the door and she stopped me and asked what I was doing. I told her all I needed was to mail these postcards. I think she saw the look of distress in my eyes, and she let me through and I got them mailed. So if you get one.. be thankful I mailed it and didn’t just bring it to you. I’ll beat them home though. So be looking for them… next week or so.

I came back to the room and I’m about to upload some pictures, pack my bags (thankfully) for the last time, take a shower (I smell REALLY bad), and go to bed. Gotta be up early in the morning to catch my plane back to the STATES!

I have very much enjoyed writing about my “adventures” in Italy and I hope you all have enjoyed reading them and looking at the pictures. I’ll try and keep blogging, maybe about day to day stuff, and maybe my devotions. I love you all, and WILL see you soon!

not ciao anymore… BYE YA’LL!


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