Home sweet home… SERIOUSLY

FINALLY back home!

I love the sound of the crickets and the dew on my toes in the moring here. I didnt even realize, but I haven’t heard a song bird since we left. I really missed this place.

We got off the flight from Rome (FCO) to Atlanta (ATL) after 10 hours. We added it up, it was basically like waking up at 11:30 MS time. So we landed at like 3 and had to go through customs and security. That was intenst. Makes me never want to leave the country again. I’ve noticed, going into Italy and into Mexico.. not so bad. Coming back however, little bit different. Trust me.. the airports are doing their job now.

So we got to ATL, had to run around to catch the plane to Jackson. I got a double cheese burger, only mayo and ketchup, from Burger King there in the airport. It was DELIGHTFUL. She understood every word I said.

Ok, so here is the fun part of my story. I got a little sickish (I get car sick real easy anyway) about the last 2 hours of the FCO-ATL plane ride. We weren’t down long enough for me to really get over it. So we get on this little plane to go to Jackson. VERY nice gentleman sitting next to me helped me a little by asking me questions and us talking some. I’m sure he thought I was being rude because I kept leaning over and putting my head in my hands. I was praying I didn’t need to use that little plastic/paper bag they had. Really.

So we finally landed. YAY for MS! We got off, I ran to a bathroom and the urge to vomit went away. We walked a little further and I saw Bruce.

Lovely Bruce. Best thing I’d seen all 2 weeks. A familiar face. I hugged him and he grabbed my bags. It felt nice walking without having to pull those. No one it Italy was nice. I love my dad. He’s the best. He came and got me even though Gab’s mom was coming to get her. Ms. Vicki couldn’t wait to see Gabs, and I’m guessing Bruce was kinda that way with me.

We walked to his truck and he kept saying.. “You twoo look pretty tired… more tired than I’ve ever seen you…” Well.. yeah. Pretty tired. We drove home. Bruce kept me talking, and told me about stuff going on in town to keep me awake. He kept saying, “I think if I stop talking you’ll be asleep…” That was true. We finally pulled up at my house.. It looked so perfect.

Out came my husband. It was hard to not cry. This was the man I missed more than any person alive. I wanted to just stand there and hold him, but I had to keep moving or I would just crumble I was so tired.

We came inside, I gave Bruce his presents (T-Shirt and a glass swan made from Murano glass). He said bye, and I thanked him again for coming to get me.

I sat down holding Wes for just a second then Wes showed me around the house. He cleaned it up real nice, finished up a lot of stuff, hung some pictures on the wall. It looked so good. He bought me these two owl decorations for our living room. Really cute.

He had cleaned up every room, made up our bed, done all the clothes. He’s a great man. We got to our bedroom and I excused myself to the bathroom and proceeded to vomit. I was sick.

My head was pounding and believe it or not it felt good to get all that out of me. I felt a lot better, and then I stood up and it came again. Flying SUCKS.

I ended up laying around. Wes went and bought me ham sandwich stuff for supper (thats what I wanted really bad when we landed in ATL). I didn’t even eat. I knew if I did it would come right back up.

Then I went to bed at 8:30. I had such fun the past 2 weeks, but I am so glad to be home. There truly is no place like home. That leads me to….

Things I missed that I didn’t even realize I missed about home:

  1. Bird singing in the morning, Crickets chirping all day long.
  2. Ceiling fans.
  3. Ice all the way to the brim in my cup, and free refills.
  4. being barefoot in my house.
  5. Wesley’s voice.
  6. My couch (dang it is comfortable).
  7. Watering my plants in the morning.
  8. Tiding up around my house.
  9. the sound of Wesley working outside (tools clanking together, the sound of wratchets)
  10. My dog’s bark. I normally scream at her for barking, but that baby can bark all day and I’ll listen to her.
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