Milk Drunk

I live with a milk drunk.

She drinks milk… and becomes a tiny drunk.

She starts getting all loopy. Her eyes roll to the back of her head. She starts grinning from the milk high. She starts making faces. Lots of faces. Here are some of her milk drunk faces.

She can’t control herself.

She smiles while she’s nursing. She doesn’t even know she has a problem. She enjoys her addiction.

When she’s finished with one, she has milk all over her face. She doesn’t even care. She just says, “put me on the other one, I’m not done yet.”

At any given time, you’ll find dried milk on her face. She covers the milk scent with Johnson’s baby scent. She tries to hide it.

All she drinks is milk. And she loves it. After she’s done, she sleeps. She sleeps hard. It’s hard to wake her up. Just like a real drunk. Here she is in her drunken milk stupor.

My little milk drunk.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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3 thoughts on “Milk Drunk”

  1. Those are hillarious she is so precious our little milk drunk, Thanks for making me smile. Luv MawMaw

  2. Nursing my babies are what o look forward to the most! Its the best invention from God to moms…man her belly is fuuuul!! I need to see her more! Hopefully this week it will happen..

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