31 Days of Praise… maybe

So, I think I’ve decided what I’m going to do to transform my blog. Well, not really transform, but mix it up some. I lead worship at my church, so I’m going to lead worship on my blog as well. I have a book that is just awesome. It’s called 31 days of Praise by Ruth Meyers. I’m going to take some excerpts from this book and we will talk about them. They are just the Word, but specific verses pulled from different places in the Bible and thrust together to make such beautiful heartfelt prayers that really bring you closer to God.

I loved this book and I think you will like the parts that I’m going to share with you as well. Again, I give full credit to Ruth Meyers for sorting out and choosing the right verses to make these prayers so real and so perfect. I encourage you to read them aloud, or at least twice if not aloud so that you can really make them your own.I also encourage you to go buy this book. It is amazing. I’m not going to share every part of it, but the parts that really touched me and my life and I’ll share with you how they did just that.

I realize that my blogs that are more about me get more views. I’m not sure why you all are so interested in me (I’m guessing its because reading someone’s blog is much like reading their journal… do you feel sneaky reading my blog?). Anyways, this book helped me out in many different times of stress and trouble, and I’ll share those with you.

Jesus used previous prayers, so why don’t we? I’ll get this party started right now…

My heart rejoices in You, Lord, for You are my strong shelter in times of trouble and daner and stress, my hiding place to whome I may continually resort… my Father who lovingly provides for me… my Shepherd who guides and protects me… my Champion who upholds my cause as His child and defends my highest interests… my Bridegroom who delights in me… my God who is mighty to save, who rests in His love for me and rejoices over me with singing, with shouts of joy. You are my inheritance, my share in life, the One who satisfies my longing soul and fills my hungry soul with goodness. – Ruth Meyers, 31 Days of Praise

I loved this prayer. This is the prayer for Day 1. It much longer than this, but this is all I’m going to write for you now. I loved this. Its simple, and straight to the point. He is a father, a shepherd, a champion. He is so mighty to save and so quick to rejoice over me. That is just amazing! He does fill our souls! He created them… He is so good.

I was talking to a friend today and I told her about how I pray. I’m not sure how your prayer life is, but this book will help it. (Go buy this book!)

I don’t always agree with reading prayers that other people have written, but these are straight from the Word. They are just changed around into prayers that we are able to use to worship our Holy King. I’m all about being for real with our God.

He knows what we are thinking.

If during the prayer you are looking around at that cute guy/girl. If you are thinking about the clothes you forgot to put in the dryer. If you are thinking about what your wife will/won’t cook after you get home. He knows, so why do we try and act holier than thou with God?

“Dear God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. I beseech thee, that thy will cast thy eyes toward my humble soul and will forgive said soul for the wrongdoings I hast commited in my heart and soul and mind…”


God knows that. Why are you trying to impress him. He knows which hand you use to wipe your behind. You cannot impress Him. You cannot surprise Him. So stop trying to be someone you aren’t.

Just talk to Him. That is what He wants.

The book is called 31 Days of Praise, but we will praise Him much longer than this. I hope you will continue to read and invite others to read as well as we journey together, learning how to praise Him better than ever before.