The Gospels

From Ruth Meyer’s 31 Days of Praise:

Thank You that through the Gospels I can watch this beloved One walk among ordinary people. I can her the gracious words that came from His lips. I can see His compassion and tenderness toward needy people, His anger at hypocrisy, His faithfulness, His intense love for His followers.

Jesus was one heck of a guy. He was just outstanding. I cannot imagine Him not being just so much fun to be around. I can just imagine Him being the life of the party.This is kind of how I see Him. Not serious, but smiling and happy.

We get a glimpse of How cool and amazing He was from the Gospels. so many times we just read the Gospels and imagine them to be a story that someone somewhere just made up. It is REAL people!

Jesus was real. And He really loves you!

Praise Him today for His word and the ability to read about Him and know just how good He really was.