No Match

From Ruth Meyer’s 31 Days of Praise:

And how much I praise You that it was impossible for death to hold Him in its power…that You raised Him from the dead to be my Savior, to make me righteous in your sight…that You highly exalted Him, giving Him a position infinitely superior to any conceivable command, authority, power, or control, both natural and supernatural. Thank you that He is the Great High Priest… that He is able to save me completely, for He lives forever and prays for me, and for all of us who have come to You through Him. I glorify You, my Father, with gratefulness and joy.

Hallelujah. Death had no place in Jesus. Jesus is stronger than anything we can ever put up against Him. Isn’t that good to know!? Jesus has no kryptonite. Not sure how to spell that.. I don’t read comic books. But however you spell it, Jesus don’t have any.

There is nothing you can bring to Him that He cannot handle. PRAISE GOD.

Not anything. Natural or Supernatural. Not even death.

I think we avoid thinking about the supernatural a lot. But He handles that for us as well. Not only does He handle stuff, He prays for us as well!

He is on our side! A Bethany Dillon song says, “You sit at the table, with the wounded and the poor. You laugh and share stories, with the theif and the whore, when you could just be silent and leave us here to die, but still you sent your Son for us, You are on our side.”

That is TRUE. There is truth there. He is on our side. He doesn’t want us to be lost. He loves us. Praise Him for that today.