So, I haven’t done a Lucy blog in a while. I have my reasons. Some being my extreme lack of sleep, my mild case of postpartum depression, and the needy infant I have. The past couple of weeks have been… Not so good.

It all came to ahead Friday morning when I finally admitted to Wesley that I couldn’t keep going like I was or I would really lose my mind. I was getting about 6 hours of sleep per day (and for people with one month olds- a day is 24 hours- not just the ‘daylight’ part of the day). That sounds pretty good, and would be if it were even broken into two, but I was getting 6 hours and about an hour and a half at a time. I was running on naps. I was miserable.

So, I told Wes that I needed something to change… Not sure what, I just need help. And because he is an amazing husband and wonderful dad he did just the only thing he really had to do that day and then stayed with me and Lucy for almost the whole day. He also took the night shift.

Well… He tried to. Lucy would have none of it.

We started trying to put her down to bed at 9pm. At 10:45 she finally went to sleep… On my chest in the recliner.  (i have to add, Wesley did all that he could. He tried so hard to not bother me… But listening to her cry and grunt doesn’t make for real peaceful sleep. He got up to try and fix whatever was wrong with her every time). She woke up at 12 to eat and then at 1:45 she was back asleep. Then, up at 3, asleep at 4. When she woke up at 6 she was very tired still. She did the whole thing where you couldn’t wake her with a bazooka. Why couldn’t she do this at 10pm? Oh yeah, cause we want her to, that’s right.

I finally figured it out… 9pm and the next feeding (anywhere from 12-1) she would stay wide awake after she ate. The 4am and 7am feedings she’d fall asleep quickly. Hmmmm…..

So, luckily I had gotten 2 good hours in the recliner at 4, so at her 6:30 meal, when she normally falls back asleep so peacefully (and I usually do with her, because I’ve just been up all night) I kept her awake.

She did not like this.

Its really hard to keep a baby awake that is sleepy. I gave her a bath, played with her, sang to her loudly, opened all the curtains, took her outside, everything and anything I thought would work. Finally, I fed her then let her sleep.

So then 8 pm comes. I figured, since it took an hour and a half to put her down last night, this night would be the same, so by 9:30, she should be out.

Boy was I wrong. At 11:30 she FINALLY went to sleep. With me. In the chair. Blah.

Then I woke up, because I was in pain. I needed to pump. Wait, what time is it? 4:58? The power must have gone out, there is no way it is 4:58am. That would mean she has been asleep for over 5 hours. She doesn’t ever sleep that long.

Sure enough, 5 1/2 hours. That was AWESOME.

EXCEPT… I fed her then she went back to sleep. Then she woke up at 8 and ate just a little bit. I took her to church and she slept through church, until about 11:30 (right when worship was going on, and she woke up to eat). Then we all went to eat and she slept through that. This kid has been asleep except for about 2 hours today.

I’m sure that she will be WIDE awake at 10. And probably at 11 and 12. Maybe 1.

I’m going to pray against it. Pray with me please!

I’ll try to let you all know how it goes… but if I don’t blog until 3pm, that’s because I’m sleeping…

I don’t see how she can be this tired. She hasn’t done anything except sleep… all day. And I’ve tried EVERYTHING to keep this baby awake. Cold rag on the face is the only thing that works, but it makes her cry and then I feel bad.

Well.. I’m off to tickle a sleepy newborn.