Forever and Ever

I’m also going to include on these ‘Praise’ blogs, pictures of the world, that our wonderful Maker created.

From Ruth Meyer’s 31 Days of Praise:

And I bow at the feet of Him who was dead, and is now alive forever and ever. I exalt Him, I yield myself to Him, for He is worthy of the total response of my entire being: “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.”

Wow. Isn’t it great that He is risen, and alive for ever and ever and ever more? What more could we ask from our God? We would want Him to always be there for us, for us to be able to call on Him when we needed Him most right? And He is! He’s not going anywhere! Praise God.

Next step – is to yield ourselves to Him. This is the tricky part. We like self… usually more than anything else. I believe a healthy amount of self esteem is useful, and necessary. Too much? Prideful. Prideful = not good.

Praise Him today for his eternity. (His eternity that He gives freely to those who choose to follow Him). Hallelujah.