Lucy update: She’s Cute!

I haven’t blogged about Lucy in a while. So here is what’s up!

She is holding her head up pretty good now. (She’s so cute when she does.)

She’s laughed a couple of times. (Its really cute…)

She still smiles, but only in here sleep. (So cute.)

I think she’s getting cuter by the day. (… cute?)

She has a little set of jammies that are just.. so… (whats the word?) cute!

And I made a sweet little video of her sleeping one day. Its pretty… CUTE!

So pretty much.. I think she’s cute.

She’s been sleeping better here lately, which makes her cuter. Its hard to think something is cute when you can’t think straight. More sleep for mom = Cuter the baby is. I’m convinced.

So.. question for my readers… more Lucy blogs?

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2 thoughts on “Lucy update: She’s Cute!”

  1. She is an absolute doll and I can hardly wait to kiss her all over and squeeze her tight tight!!! It won’t be long — YEAH!!!!!!!! Lucy …… Nana loves you bunches and bunches!!! 🙂

  2. I agree. This girl is cute. Cuter by the day! Its amazing how they do this. And the older they get, the cuter AND smarter they get. That’s when the fun begins! Ha!
    Yes more Lucy blogs. BC I’m thinking she may be daughter in law one day. Ok that’s weird saying but I pray for my boys future wives and so far she fits the profile. Ha! Ok ok I won’t mention this again. At least not for about 20 more years or so.

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