Living Frames

From Ruth Meyer’s 31 Days of Praise:

I’m grateful that my looks, my abilities, and my personality are like a special picture frame in which You can portray Your grace and beauty, your love, Your strength, Your faithfulness, to the praise of Your glory. I rejoice that You  have gifted me for the special purposes You have in mind for my life. I thank You for Your loving wisdom in allowing the things that have influenced me throughout my life – the things that have prepared my heart to respond to You and live for Your glory. I might not have turned to You if things had been different!

Isn’t this grand? We are how the world sees God. That puts our actions on a whole new level. When we say that we are Christians (or Christ like) then people expect our actions to follow.

But isn’t it amazing that God chooses to draw people to himself, using us? We are broken people being used by this amazing God.

And the last part of this prayer (which this entire prayer is from Ephesians 1, Romans 12:3-6, and Psalm 119:67 and 71) that talks about how He has influenced our lives in such a way that we do turn to Him.

If the things in my life had been different, I would be different. I thank God for each “tragedy” that has struck my life. Because of these events, I am who I am today. I do turn to Him, and He knew it would be that way.

He’s so good.