Oh me… Oh my…

So after long hard thought… I’ve decided to stop doing my devotional blogs. It’s hard for me to keep them up with baby and all. And I really like to blog about my Lucy – and I’ve found that my readers like reading about her more.

Its too much for me to blog about both and keep it good. I’m going to start my own personal bible study, just for me. (I’ve been doing the devotional blogs for a while now.)

I don’t get a lot of response on my devotional blogs – so if you do like them and don’t want them to end – comment below. If not, expect lots more Lucy and random stuff that happens to me from day to day.

Another reason for this: I can put all of my blogs into a book. This will create for me, a journal. A journal in which I can give to my little Lucy when she gets older. Old enough to read of course (and enjoy).

So, if you like the devotionals, let me know. Otherwise, today’s will be the last one you read for a while. If not, start enjoying more of Lucy Bea… Lucy Bea and all her funniness.

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2 thoughts on “Oh me… Oh my…”

  1. Well I think you should narrow it down for now. While your brain may feel like mush.. I totally understand. You got into your regular routine so quickly. I couldn’t do that. You gotta do what you gotta do. Your devotions are great. So is Lucy! Its tour choice!

  2. I’m with Miranda…I have always enjoyed your devotionals (when I get time to read them) but, as creative as you seem to be…I’m sure you will be a great inspiration to Mom’s with your Lucy blog.

    She is BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy those special moments. I wish I had lots of them back with my girls…

    God bless you and your work!

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