Lucy’s First Smile

She SMILED at me today!

It was followed by a very brief laugh… and then a not so brief cry. So maybe it was gas. I’m saying it was because I called her ‘sweet cheeks’ whilst poking her cheeks.

The other day we had a photoshoot. I’m sure most of you have seen the pictures by now. They’ve been on my Flickr for a couple of days now. Here are a couple of my faves:


Funny Lucy

Funny Lucy

Isn’t she funny? The last one Wes and I agree she looks like a turtle. A very cute turtle, but still a turtle.

So, I’m pleased with my decision on cutting out the devotional blogs. I’ll just be blogging about my kiddo. You’ll get sick of hearing about her. It will be about her, and my life.

It will probably get more interesting when I go back to work.  More stuff later!