Tummy, Kitty, Chicken Baby

Friday, Lucy got to spend a little time on her tummy… mom with camera in hand. She likes the tummy time. Its a good change of scenery. Well… she actually gets scenery. Laying on your back only gives you so many views of ceiling fans. She gets to see about waist high when she’s on her tummy. She’s a strong kid. She held her head up like a champ.

Saturday, Lucy went outside and sat on the swing with mom. She then met Ed. Ed liked (and licked!) her toes.

And then Saturday evening Lucy started with her squeals. She sounds…. much like… a chicken. But its cute, see?

And that was our weekend (minus a wind storm).

Sundays aren’t really my favorite day anymore. Lucy gets all wound up from church and it takes us until Tuesday to get her calmed down and back on a “schedule”. I put that word in quotations because she’s never really on a schedule, she’s just much easier to manage when she gets to stay at home. I don’t wanna be one of those moms, but I do still enjoy some sleep.

What else is new? Not much. Well, not anything that is interesting enough to blog about. I have a school loan that is supposed to be forgiven if you work for so many years at a low income school district, and I’ve sent in my paper work 3 times (seriously, they keep sending it back saying that I’m putting in dates wrong, writing the wrong school name, etc.). Well, they sent it back again saying they weren’t going to pay because my school wasn’t on the list. Ok, “VoTech” isn’t on the list, but Seminary, Mt.Olive AND Collins are. So I teach kids from those schools, but don’t necessarily work at one of those schools, so you won’t pay? I’m calling you Stephanie. Lets work this out. You will pay (Literally, you will pay the loan. Its only fair.)

I’ll let you know how that phone call goes. I’m calling them today… now. Grr… And finally a photo to leave you with: Lucy and her daddy. She loves her daddy and she loves the outside.
Enjoying the porch

(Yes, those are cute fuzzy pink house slippers. How cute, huh?)