Today was a good day…

Sorry to quote Ice Cube. It was. I sat on the swing with my little one on this BEAUTIFUL day. It was so nice out. I hear this weekend won’t be so shabby either. I’m excited.
With mom

So, about my school loan… I called them and they said if I could provide proof that I taught Title 1 Students, then I should be fine. So I’m mailing off that letter tomorrow. Can we say, RUN AROUND?

Next, Wesley and I have decided to make the switch from Blockbuster to Netflix. We have had our free trial, so we’ve been using our “instant watch” on our Wii. Really cool idea. Well, we’ve started watching Dexter. Where has this show been all my life? I love it. We are almost finished with Season 1, started it Friday. It’s a show about a guy who works in forensics with the Miami PD, and specializes in blood spatters. He also is a serial killer. But he only kills people who are deserving. Murders who get out of jail because they made a “deal”. Child molesters, rapists, etc. It’s funny.

Next up, my run in with the grocery store cashier.

Ok, I get it. You don’t like your job. You check out other people’s groceries. It’s not really glamorous. That doesn’t mean you get to rip people off. Now, let me go ahead and clarify, it was only $1. BUT it’s the moral of it all. Here is what went down:

I am off of caffeine. So I go to buy some caffeine free drinks. Ooo, a special. Three 12 packs of cans for $10 bucks, Pepsi products only. I can do Pepsi. So, I grab a Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and a Mug Rootbeer. All Pepsi Products. I know for a fact – I looked at the sign real close, and they were all on there.

I didn’t have much else to get, so I grab that stuff (cheetos corn puffs – these are exceptional by the way, milk – always, and some cheese for sandwiches). I head over to the cash register. I put my few items on the rolly thing (grocery treadmill basically) and then I show her my 3 12 packs. She types in all quick and I see $11.00 pop up on the screen.

Ok – here we are. Do I say something? I mean its only a dollar. But, if I never said anything, every time it was only a dollar, that would add up to… well… more than one dollar.

Me: “Oh, I thought the 12 packs were 3 for 10.”

Cashier: [in her least nice voice possible]”Uh, Mt. Dew products are 3 for 11.”

Me: “Ok, that’s fine, its just the sign said 3 for 10…” [I glance back… you can actually SEE the sign from where I’m standing. And why would they be 3 for 11? That doesn’t even make sense.]

Cashier: [walks over to the sodas… Then walks back without changing anything] “That’ll be 31.55.”

Me: [note: this all takes place in my head] ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ARE YOU THAT PROUD THAT YOU WILL ACTUALLY NOT TAKE OFF THE DOLLAR THAT I KNOW YOU SAW? I CAN SEE THE SIGN FROM HERE. FROM HERE. 3 FOR 10. 3 FOR 10. THATS A ZERO AT THE END, NOT A ONE. MORON. I know now why you are working at the grocery store. Because you can’t add. Or READ.

I grab my receipt as she so nicely (I may be being slightly sarcastic) says, “Have a good day” in  her most monotone voice.

I walk over to the deli part (Wes and I had just eaten lunch) and we leave. I’m boiling mad. Yes, over one dollar. It’s not that I was overcharged, but it was the fact that I know she knew she was overcharging me. Why? That extra buck wasn’t going in her pocket. Mr. Ramey thanks you, angry cashier lady. You don’t get a raise from ripping off customers.

So I drop Wes off at the gym to get his truck I drive around back, and I see the News Commercial. I had forgotten to get my copy of the paper from last week that had Fitness Depot’s Grand Opening, in which my daughter was in. So I pull in and ask for a copy. I took in my dollar.

The lady gives me two copies of the paper for free.

How much does that add up to be?

One dollar.

And I let some girl get me all worked up, when God had it all worked out for me anyway.

God is good.

And, a picture from last week that is too cute to keep to myself:
I like my paci..

Ha, look at her hand. It’s like she should be holding a cigarette. Or she’s waving in the 50’s.