Last Night

So we finished season one of Dexter last night. We went to Fernando’s in Magee and came home to the final 2 episodes. I’ve also been watching a lot of other ‘crime’ dramas. Needless to say, hours of Rizzoli and Isles, The Closer, and now Dexter, I’m paranoid. I hear creaks in my hallway, and my eyes pop open or I spin around to catch my ‘assailant’. I’m nuts.

Anyway, back to Lucy. 🙂 This was us last night, right before bed. So sweet.

Wesley and I have a little system going, and it seems to be working pretty well. He is taking the second am feeding- usually happens around 6 or 7- and I keep sleeping.

Last night, however, the crap hit the fan… Actually it was more like Wesley’s lap, but whatever. He freaked, I jumped up. It was gross. Oh well. At least we weren’t in public. I think Wes said something to the effect of, “I’m not cut out for this.” Sounds a lot like someone I know (me, in case you weren’t following).

So we went on with our day. Lucy an I took a good loong nap in the chair today.

She’s smiled at me like 6 times today. It’s by far the cutest toothless grin I’ve ever seen. She’s quick when she does it, so that’s why the picture is blurry.

So cute! I can’t wait to catch her giggle on video! You all will love it!