Lazy Tuesday

… for Lucy anyway.

Wesley and I worked out at the gym this morning. I worked my legs. I nearly killed myself. I now, cannot go down steps without help.  Dang you Wes. Dang you.

I’ll thank you later, but its not quite later yet.

He tells me tomorrow will be worse.


So, Lucy slept fairly well last night. She slept with me in the rocking chair. She slept two good stretches, almost 4 hours each. I can handle that. Not the best sleep ever… I mean in a chair. But, longer being slightly less comfortable is better than 30 minutes really comfortable. I wasn’t hurting or anything. It was a recliner, not a bed of nails. I can’t complain.

So what has Lucy been up to?
Sittin with daddy

Chillin with daddy. She likes him. She also likes it outside.

We took her for a stroll in her stroller yesterday. She was WIDE EYED the whole time.

Here recently she’s been making new sounds. Cute sounds.

I’m glad too. Its good to hear something from her besides a cry.

She’s so sweet.

Ok. I must go to her. And Kiss her all over! I’ll post some videos soon. I’ve got a few that are super cute, it just takes forever for them to upload to the internet. I’ll stop being lazy…