Night 15 – Getting Better

So basically, yesterday I had a breakdown. Wes came home and found me standing in the middle of the living room, holding Lucy, swaying.. and weeping. I do not want to leave her. I guess it has to be done. I can’t quit my job. Oh my. Monday will be tough.

Besides the meltdown… I had a good day. We FINALLY did Lucy’s 3 Month Portraits. ADORABLE. I can’t stress that enough. I’ll post my fav’s below and You can see them all by clicking on one of them on the right to visit my Flickr page. They are all worth looking at.

Last night we did our routine, baby asleep by 9:22, didn’t wake up til 4! Yesss! Except I didn’t go to bed til probably 10:30, which still gave me 5 1/2 hours. Better than 2!

I have a few errands to run today, mostly Avon stuff and school stuff. If you have one of my books, orders are due this evening! (Sorry, had to plug that in). Hopefully I’ll be able to run all my errands quickly, so I can get back to my baby and hold her all day.

Not sure how my blogging will be when I start back school. It might take me a little while to get it posted each day. Might can post them at lunch. Who knows. We’ll find out on Mon…. Mon… Monday.. (Cries Hysterically…)

Back to stuff that I like.. My Kid… Here are some of my FAV’s from her photoshoot! And Don’t forget to click here to see all the rest of them!

Here is her previous ‘monthly’ photo (August):
Two Months Old

Here is her new one! (For September) – She’s soooo much bigger 🙂 ok, not really.

3 Month Portrait

Here is another cute one. I like it’s perspective.

3 Month Portrait

Sweet little feet.

3 Month Portrait

Simply Precious.

3 Month Portrait

Big girl in her big girl chair.

3 Month Portrait

All smiles. So sweet.

3 Month Portrait

Hehe.. Her daddy got her this chair.

3 Month Portrait

And probably my favorite from the day… close up on those cute little piggies!

3 Month Portrait

Part of me can’t wait until I can look back through all of her pictures to see how much she grows, and then another part wants her to stay just this little. So I can hold her and snuggle with her and take sweet naps with her. She is so sweet.

I have people tell me all the time, “Your voice is so beautiful.” “You’re a great teacher.” To God be the Glory. But hands down…She’s the best gift God has given me ever.

Night 14 – Made it Two Weeks

GAH.. School starts for me in 5 days. Ugh. Goal: Stay at home mom. Who wouda’ thought.

Yesterday was crazy busy like Monday. Monday I made some headbands, made about 100 phone calls, cleaned my house up some, washed clothes, made a grocery list. Both days I rand about 30 errands. Lucy was only home for about an hour until after 6. Today, We picked up my check, deposited it, picked up and delivered some Avon books, I made like, 50 phone calls, stopped to make a hair appointment, and got it cut right then and there, took the headbands to my Aunt Karla, had lunch with Mamie (my aunt Mary), met up with Daddy at his Mom’s house, went to Target, and Walmart, then went visiting with ‘Pawpaw Danny and MawMaw Linda’. They aren’t blood grandparents, but are very much like that to Lucy.

I’m excited about our trip to Hattiesburg. We got an ‘umbrella’ stroller, a breastfeeding wrap, and a (fake) baby Bjorne (like a backpack, but you put a baby in it…), all meaning: ZOO is a GO! Zoo and Aquarium, here we come!

Started her night time routine at 8pm… with [WARNING PG] a really messy diaper. Like, coming out the front messy. Yeucky. Then, it moved on to bath, which she loved, then the getting out of the bath, not so much.

The past couple of nights, after her bath, when we are putting on her diaper and jammies, she starts crying. I don’t mean fussy-crying. I mean like, out of control, hysterical crying. She doesn’t stop until I start to feed her, and sometimes it takes her a few minutes to even start to eat, because of the crying. I don’t know if she just gets cold and then freaks out or what. Its sad really. Anyway, she ate well and then we put her down.

She fell asleep within about 3 minutes I think. Baby girl was tired. This was at 8:45pm. She woke up at 2:05. She likes waking up at 2. Hopefully I can get her to space it out once she’s a little bigger. Anyway, she ate good a d was back asleep by 2:25. And then up at three… This is what my head did:

‘What? Fussy? But…. You just fell asleep. Paci? No? Ok…. What’s the deal. Oh, so you do want your paci. Alright.’

I’ve noticed my brain is much like an old fluorescent light bulb. Sometimes you gotta flip the switch up an down a few times to really get it going… And it does well, but sometimes it’ll flicker or buzz a little. Is that just the way it is, moms?

Anyway, after the paci went back in she was out until 6:39. And was back I’m bed before 7. I decided that, instead of going back to sleep like I normally do here, I should attempt to see if I can stay awake. I’ll have to next week.

Did I mention that I’m starting to dread it? Oh me…

Anyway… Here is some of the awesome baby stuff we got yesterday. So busy I didn’t take any pics of Lucy at all yesterday, BUT today I’ll finally take her 3 month picture on the swing, so you’ll can look forward to that for tomorrow!

Ha, Ms. Steph, she’s maxed out those frog jammies already! So cute!

Night 13- trying again

Monday was busy. I had a zillion errands. I only have 1 billion today. Today’s post will be brief.

I messed up what I was trying to do with her schedule… I fed her at 7:30. I should have put her down then, but I didn’t do the routine, and we ended up putting her down at like 9:45. Which means she slept til 2, then she woke up several times between 2 and 6. I’ll admit, I was so tired I don’t even think I hear her. Wes put her paci in for her. Crazy right?

It wasn’t the kind of night I hoped for. By any means. It also wasn’t the worst we’ve ever had.

We went for a walk earlier yesterday. Then we met up with Daddy on the porch and Lucy was glad to see him.

Then, later, Lucy got to see her first REAL bonfire. She was amazed.

It was big. Hard to miss.

So, adorable.

I’m planning to go with our church’s children to the zoo and aquarium in New Orleans. Problem is, I’ll have to breast feed all day, in public. (Awkward…) And, I’m not sure how she’ll do being away from home, ALL day long. She requires some levels of normalcy each day. What are your ideas.. comments… suggestions? Should I not go? Should I just see what happens? (I guess I need to add.. I’m not really going because she’ll have so much fun.. I know she won’t get it now.. but I sure love zoos… and aquariums.. I’m so excited about it…)

Night 12- oh what a night (Lots of PICS!)

Sunday was the busiest day we’ve had in a while. We got up and went to church. I gave out all my Avon books. I only had 10. I’m going to order more this next time. Yeesh. Anyway, right after church my Aunt Faye brought me Lucy’s 3 month happy. A little thing she found that she couldn’t not get for Lucy.

It was a stuffed owl! It’s SO adorable. And Lucy loved it!

She even smiled at it! Here is the video to prove!

We left church, and I brought Lucy home and fed her as quickly as I could (that’s really up to her) and then we were out the door to go and get food ourselves. We sat with family and had a good lunch at Morgan’s on Main. They have the best grilled chicken. We came home for about 15 minutes, then we were off to John Henry’s birthday party!

John Henry turned two on Saturday. His dad is our Youth Minister and his wife is a good friend of mine. They are expecting number THREE in October. (See what I did there, Miranda?)

As you can see, Lucy was the life of the party…

Mr. Birthday boy John Henry!

Tearing into the gifts!

Here is John Henry attempting to court Lucy Bea. (Miranda and I pretty much have them betrothed by now.) He’s showing her his trailers. She was impressed.

Blossoming love (haha!)

So after the birthday party I figured Lucy would need some chill time. So we got comfy in the recliner and… both fell asleep til about 6:30. Church started at 6. I didn’t know for sure if I was going anyway. Lucy sometimes likes a nap during that time and I wanted to try and give her the chance to sleep some. So we napped and then I squeezed her into a baby sling and we darted off to church.

Everyone loved her sling. I must admit, we look good together.
In da pouchSleeeepy

It reminded me of being 8 months pregnant. Not a time I thoroughly enjoyed. It is much easier to carry her around though.

Brought her home, and we decided that since I cooked every day except Friday last week, that we should go grab something. We went to Krystal’s and then came home. Next up, Routine.

Bath, jammies, dinner and bed. She was out like a LIGHT. I laid her down at about 9:35 and she just closed her eyes and drifted off to a lovely dream (I guess?).

Then, she disappointed me by waking up at 2:00 on the dot.

Not sure if it was because of her super busy day, or if those two nights just happened to be accidents.

I did notice… Friday night she was sleeping by 9:17, and Saturday by 9:19. Not sure if that very small time difference makes that big of a deal. It must…. Really great/busy day followed by broken sleep. This weekend spoiled me…

I put her back down at 2:20, and she made me happy by sleeping til 7:30.

Her sleeptime is so erratic. Usually she wakes up at 6-something, regardless the middle of the night feeding. Ah, who knows. I will say, it was nice to get that 5 hours there right before I got up for the day.

Well, I’m off to have a crazy busy day. Maybe I’ll get everything done… And maybe I’ll just rock Lucy all day… 1 week til school.

Night 11- round 2

So, given my results from the previous night, and given that she slept almost 6 hours (5 hours, 40 minutes), I decides to put her down later.

And BAM!

Another good night!

Actually, a better night!

Yay, I’m excited. I know you’ve been reading, and following my journey… I am glad to share this with all if you.

Ok, Jesus, let’s keep the momentum! It’s all because of You anyway.

I’ve also decided to keep my details brief (well, more brief). I tend to… Uh, ramble a bit.

So, routine at 8:30, in bed sleeping by 9:20 (after checking on her once). Again, last night I tried to rock her to sleep, or even rock her til drowsy, but she wasn’t having it. She wanted to be in her crib. Laying her down is almost the only way she’ll fall asleep. Anyway, she slept.

When did I wake up? 3:36. I was very uncomfortable. I fixed that, and then Lucy woke up at 3:50.

Yeah, 3:50!

You added right. Six and a half hours straight. Oh, it was blisssss.

I got a solid 5+. that’s the most I’ve gotten in a loooooong time. Since before I had her. Toward the end of my pregnancy I was getting up to pee like 3 times a night. Do not miss that.

I think I’m finally getting somewhere with Lucy at night. Tonight will be the deciding factor. Three nights in a row and I’ve gotten somewhere.

I did do one thing different last night from the night before. I wrapped her blanket around her real snug, almost like swaddling. That baby didn’t move for six hours.

Ok, for the fun stuff: Wesley and I were going to give her some tummy time yesterday morning, so the three if us got on the rug in the living room.

PiWith daddy
What's goin on?

We popped Lucy down, and I was recording her (she’s cute on her belly). Then, outta nowhere, FLIP! Lucy rolled over 100% by herself! Listen to our reaction:

So then we had to make sure that wasn’t just a crazy-baby-luck roll. (FYI: her cries here are very, very fake).

We were so proud!

Look for her monthly photo soon! I’ll take the next one once we have a good day too. Yay!