Nights 29 and 30

Woah. I mean, woah.

Yesterday just zipped by without giving me a chance to blog. I’m usually good about taking just a few seconds to blog, but my few seconds were not there.

I got home from work and we had some errands to run. So, we ran errands, then we got home and I fed Lucy, fed Wesley and myself, then we went to his mom’s house to let Wes do some paint touch ups, then we came home, got Lucy ready for and in bed, I placed my Avon order, got myself ready for bed and that was that. I was POOPED.

Night 29 wasn’t grand. Lucy woke up at like 4 to eat. Well, then I was in the dilemma of, do I try and go back to sleep and get just an hour and a half, or do I just stay up. Well, I opted for sleep. Everyone says sleep when you can.

Well… Everyone… You are wrong. When I get less than 2 hours, its worse than if I didn’t get any. So then, my alarm goes off at like 6:15, and I hit snooze til 10 minutes til 7, which of course makes me late for work because I have to leave the house by 7:20. Oh my… I shall not do that again.

On night 30, Lucy did better. She was in bed by like 8:30, and I didn’t wake her up to ‘top her off’ but I probably should have. She woke up at 2, which put me getting about 3 hours of sleep. Thats not awful, but its not great either. Then she woke up at like 10 til 6. This was perfect. Then I just stayed awake. That was easy for me to get up this morning. It helped too because it was FREEZING in my house. Anyway, I made it work on time today.

I have to admit, there is something plaguing me. Its eating at me and I can’t stand it.


We go tomorrow. And I’m BEYOND excited. We are also going to the Aquarium. And I’m pumped about both in a huge kind of way. I love the zoo and I know Lucy will too. Maybe not so much this first time, but she will like it when she’s older.

I think she’ll like the aquarium now. She can see things and its going to be so big she’ll see the fishes. (Yes, fishes is correct. It’s used when you are talking about multiple species of fishes. You use fish when you are talking about one species. Sorry, thats the biology teacher coming out of me). Anyway – Fish or Fishes, we’re gonna see them. And I’m happy about it.

I haven’t had a lot of time to do much of anything lately. I’m slacking on taking my baby’s picture, but here are some sweet old ones and you can guarantee that I’ll have some to post Saturday night from our super fun ZOO TRIP!
StrollGangsta babyUp close

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