Nights 31 and 32: The Zoo Trip!

Friday night was grand. Of course. I didn’t have to wake up at 6:15am so she slept real good. Ha – always happens.

We got up at about 7 and got ready for the zoo. We ended up pulling out of the church at a little before 9am. We got to the zoo a little after 11am. We went ahead and ate lunch and all before we went in. Here was one thing that was different than the first time we went to the zoo: the crowds.
There was a Latino Cultural Festival going on. There were SO many people. It was close to miserable. It was still super fun.

I didn’t take many pictures at the zoo. Lucy pretty much stayed in her stroller and there were so many people it was hard to just stop and take pictures everywhere we wanted.

We finished up at the zoo at about 2:30 and we headed to the Aquarium. Here we used the fake baby Bjorne. She loves her baby Bjorne. She really enjoyed the aquarium. It was all water and it just overwhelmed her little senses. She looked at the rays and the sharks and the big fish. She watched them and the penguins. The penguins were very cute:

She was amazed at the fishes.
Aquarium Lucy
Look at her big blue eyes. So sweet.
She liked the big turtle too:
Sea turtle!
Its hard to tell here, but this turtle’s head was bigger than Lucy’s.
Just lookin
She liked the big tanks.
But, the day had been long and hot and she had seen alligators, lions, tigers, and bears (Oh my!), otters, monkeys, bobcats and foxes, birds and bugs, snakes and spiders, lizards, rays, sharks, penguins, BIG otters, jellyfish, seahorses, frogs and even more critters and it wore her little self out.
The day is over
Who am I kidding. I look pooped too!

We made it home without any major problems. Lucy had a slight crying spell about 18 miles outside of Hattiesburg. She’s done it before. Nothing satisfies her. It doesn’t last long, about 5 minutes and she just cries. Then she falls asleep. She finally fell asleep – but what ended up happening was this: She slept so good in the car ride home, she failed to sleep good that night.

Literally, every hour and a half she was waking up. Then she had two serious poop diapers at like midnight, which are NO fun. When you are half asleep, you don’t wanna be changing that kind of diaper. It… gets… on stuff. That’s where I’ll leave that. Anyway, my longest sleep stretch was about 2 hours. Seriously. Then we had our busy Sunday’s like usual.

I’m really hoping that tonight will be better. I have work in the morning. Its not 9 weeks test week or crazy only-have-students-two-days week, which means I’ll be teaching. Teaching is tough. I’ll probably hoarse. THEN, tomorrow evening I have to make a dash to Hattiesburg to buy flowers for Eve Ministries meeting on Tuesday night. Wednesday night we are leading youth worship. So, basically I won’t have much free time at all until Thursday night. Yay for a busy life.

I’d complain if I was bored.

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