So… I haven’t blogged in a while. Wanna know why? My computer is nuts. That’s why.

It’s been having this little issue. Ok, I guess its kind of a big issue. It won’t turn on – not because it doesn’t work – but because of some weird power supply issue. I don’t know. I guess its time for a new one, the only problem is, the one I want is 1600 bucks, and I don’t really wanna spend a grand plus on something while we are trying to get stuff paid off. That doesn’t make sense. BUT – I do need one, and I can’t just not have a computer. Its my life line. Its what I do all of my picture editing and stuff on. All my blogging, all my couponing. All my BILL PAYING. That one is a MUST. So… Now I have to decide do I want to max out (both) of my credit cards to pay for a new computer or just become like I was in the stone age and not have one.

Ugh, life.

Thanksgiving week was great. I loved spending time the time with my baby. We napped together, we went shopping, we.. well, she, ate peas. We had a blast. Then BOOM reality of Monday morning.

I’m ready for my reality to be broke and with my kid all day every day. I don’t mind the broke. I do mind the leaving her.

I posted a question on facebook this morning to moms: when does leaving your kid(s) become bearable? I didn’t have many answers. The ones I did have said that it “got easier”. Still…. not easy. Not a fun thing. I don’t want to be away from her. I’ll say, I do get to a point where I need some time away from her, but not 8 hours every day. That’s too much.

Ok- so what you all have been waiting for: Lucy!

I’ve been so busy with life and all that comes with it that I haven’t really had a chance to upload all of my new pictures and videos. Look for a filled blog tomorrow. To hold you over until then: Lucy laughing in the tub. She loves baths, and loves us just oo’ing over her. Here she is.

So sweet.

Wes and I talked about doing some major financial things to help us out with our bills and stuff. Still not sure about what we are going to do. I will say one thing we talked about was refinancing our house. We got a good interest rate, but they are better now, so maybe?

We are willing to do almost anything to get me to not work next year. And pretty much, I’m not going to. I’m thinking about maybe just getting a part time job until I can pay off my car and then quitting the job. Who knows. I might just sub a couple of times a month for a little extra. I wouldn’t mind that.

All I know is that when I’m at work, I just long to be with my Lucy. And when I’m home, I’m happiest. God’s calling me strongly to be at home with my child and I wanna follow Him and my husband and do what I was made to do.


So far, my week has been exceptional. I love waking up when I want and not having to go anywhere…. Anywhere except my kitchen then to my baby’s room to get her and hold her for as long as I like.

She’s growing up so fast.

She’s been eating peas this week. I did a little research on how to start solids (or relative solids) for a 4 month old. The once universal recommended “rice cereal” isn’t quite so recommended. Simple green veggies are actually a good start as well. And – considering the rice cereal makes Lucy SUPER constipated, I opt for the veggies as well.

She’s been doing good with them:


Along with a slight Pea explosion…
Pea explosion


It takes her a little while, but once she gets the hang of it, she really likes the peas.

I attempted Banana this morning… and that was a no go. You would’ve thought I was trying to feed her straight lemon juice. So, banana’s are going to wait.

I went today and visited Maw Maw’s work. She got to meet her sweet readers again (Hello ladies!). She made some sounds for them, and knawed on her fingers.

Then we were off to Walmart. She made this face in the parking lot.
Walmart? Really?

Ha. She looks super enthused.

Sunday night I was working in Wesley’s office and I put lucy in her bouncer. I looked down and saw this:
Howd you end up there?

Lesson learned: Fasten the bouncer seat belt. She didn’t cry or anything. She just laid there. Pretty funny.

And finally, the funniest video I have ever made of Lucy:

Poor thing! She was trying to get a nap, and mamma woke her up. I had too! She was about to strangle herself. Super funny.

I hope your week is flying by! Hopefully I’ll post a couple more time before Thanksgiving!

New Room, New Smiles, New Sleep

Newness! I love it.

Hopefully this Thanksgiving week will be a week of Renewal in the Kirkley House.

Thursday night Wesley left to go to Louisiana to help his father. I invited a couple of friends of mine over to eat and hang out. I haven’t seen Britney and Gabby in ages, and we needed some good catch up time. It was great. I love my friends. One person was missing.. ahem…Sara… but she has a good excuse since she lives like 2 hours away and is pregnant.

Gabby went to Italy with me summer of 09. We will never forget that trip. SO much fun.

Thursday night, since I tend to get a little freaked out from time to time when I’m home alone, Lucy slept with me in the bed. That’ll probably become regular. When Wes is gone, share the bed. It was a great way to say goodbye to my Lucy being in our room.

Friday Wes was gone all day, so I had to take the day off to keep my dear sweet Lucy. I got so much done not having a husband around. I cleaned up my house, got all of the clothes washed, AND I moved Lucy to her room.

It was a struggle. It took two grown men to move our recliner from the living room to our bedroom, and I had to kick the foot thing out and back in and out again to get it from our room to hers. I would have been very funny to watch, I’m sure.

Anyways, it all got moved in. Her once perfect room is now a crowded mess.
New room

Anyways – Lucy and I had a great Friday. We ran some errands. She wore real blue jeans. they had a button and zipper and everything. She looked so grown up…
Little grown up

She went with me to my work to see everyone. She liked that.

Thankfully, everywhere I go people say, “Wow… She’s such a happy baby.” Its true, faith comes by hearing. And – you can totally speak things into existence. Read Romans 4. God does that for us.

We told people that I would have a quick labor. And I did.

We told people that we would have a good baby. And we do.

I’m telling people that she will be sleeping through the night soon. And she will.

We are starting this journey over.

I have 1 week. I’m off for this whole week, and we are going to make this happen!

After Lucy’s first night in her room, I walked into this:
First night

She likes her new bed, and what better way to start in a new bed, than with a new sleeping schedule?


Last night she did well. She slept from 9 – 12, woke up and cried, I checked on her, and put her paci back in, and then she slept from 12:05 – 3:35. She went from 8:30 – 3:30 without eating just fine. Meaning, she could easily go from 10:30 – 5:30 with no problems. That’s what we shall shoot for. I’ll put her in bed earlier, and just feed her before I go to bed. That’s how it will be done, and it will work. Before I go back to work I will be sleeping through the night.

I’m speaking it.

Ok, now.. the cutest video you’ve EVER seen.. (at least of Lucy).

Lucy Laughing. Enjoy.

I have something I will talk to you all about later. Something BIG. Something (hopefully) soon. Something God sized. I can’t wait!

To my sweet readers…

Thanks so much for your comments. Thanks for reading my little Lucy blog and for being just as much captivated by her as I am. She is really fantastic.

I didn’t get much sleep last night, but thats okay. I think its time though for Lucy to move into her room. She now wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to eat when she really isn’t that hungry. She used to wake up quietly, but now, she wakes up LOUDLY. So, in her room we can check the moniter from time to time and see if she’s fallen back asleep. Without hearing her loud and clear coming from (basically) the foot of the bed.

Oh, I don’t know. I like her being close to me. Who knows. Maybe you’ll read about it tomorrow, and maybe you won’t. I may try it this weekend since I have all week off next week. I’m so excited about not having school, or students, or having to pump, or leave my pajamas. I want to be at home with my sweet baby and next week I get to do just that. I’m thrilled.

Well, today has been a short post. No new pictures, yet. I just ordered 365 prints (sadly, not all of Lucy) from Snapfish. They had a deal if you spend $10, you get 365 free prints. I jumped on that. I got my Italy trip printed out. I may do some scrapbooking over the holiday. That would be fun. Who knows, I may just sit with Lucy in my lap in the recliner and rock her all day too.

So no new pictures, but Lucy and I made this video for all of you yesterday. This was right after I got home from work.

Thanks again for sharing my mothering journey with me.

A tour of Lucy’s room!

I realized this morning that I haven’t ever shown all you dear sweet readers Lucy’s bedroom. So here it is!
Our theme for Lucy was bright, happy, and BIRDS! I wanted to go all peacocks, but those little suckers are HARD to find. You’ll see some sprinkled around her room.
When you first walk into her room, to the left you see her dresser.
Lucy's Room: Dresser and Peacock
You can also see her closet FULL of clothes. Poor thing. Has to go naked.
Notice her metal peacock that we got while we were vacationing in Pensacola, Florida. We got this thing for $13. And it matches her peacock/bird/owl theme!
Lucy's Room: Peacock
On the dresser sits her great Aunt Grace’s (who passed away many years ago) jewelry box, which happens to have a peacock on it. And the throw that is on the dresser also has a peacock.
Lucy's Room: Peacock Jewelry box
Lucy's Room: Peacock throw
Next, in front of her window (to the right of her closet) you see Mamma’s workspace, beside her chest of drawers. Her daddy made up the color for her matching dresser and chest of drawers – lime green. SO cute!
Lucy's Room: Mamma's workspace and her Chest of Drawers
Here is a close up of her chest of drawers and the stickers on the wall behind it:
Lucy's Room:Chest of Drawers
Lucy's Room: stickers on Chest of Drawers
Turning to your right again, and you have a little cabinet for my stuff, and a painting that I did for her. Its beside a lamp her Aunt Karla gave her.
Lucy's Room: Painting and Lamp
Ha – you also see her toy box, and a bag of new clothes from her Grandma.
Turning to the right again, is her bed with her sticker bird/tree mural on the wall. The mural is made up of owls, peacocks, birdies and clouds (and fun!)
Lucy's Room: Bed and stickers
Lucy's Room: Stickers above her bed
Here are her cute birdie sheets!
Lucy's Room: Sheets!
And her cute owl birdie lamp given to her from her Aunt Sara 🙂
Lucy's Room: Owl/Bird Lamp

Now you’ve seen her room! Too bad she’s not using it yet.. HA!