Since my computer still hasn’t turned on, it’s been harder for me to blog. I’m on my work computer now.

Also, since my computer hasn’t turned on, Wesley’s computer plug in broke as well. So neither of us has a working computer. I just placed an order for two power cords.

Hopefully that will fix our computer problems. Ok, onto much cuter things… Lucy!

The past few days she’s been sucking on her bottom lip. Pretty funny.
Bottom lip

She has worn and enjoyed her sun glasses. Too cute!
Cute in muh shades

Notice in this one she’s found her bottom lip AND her toes.
Found her toes

This is what I want to do EVERYDAY.
Perfect napping

I miss her when I’m not holding her.

I’m pathetic.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do just that soon.

Christmas is but a mere 2 1/2 weeks away. I’m planning major to have Lucy naps each day.

I’m excited about it. You have NO idea.

Guess what’s coming up this week…. Monthly swing portraits!

Lucy was 5 months old on Sunday. Last month I was a little late on the pictures, so hopefully I can get her back on track this month. I’ll have to bundle her up a lot though. Its COLD outside!