Sleeping baby

It’s 9:06pm.

Lucy is in bed. I have done what all the books tell me not to do. I rock her to sleep. I feed her and rock her and then I lay her down. She’s usually not 100% asleep when I lay her down, but she’s so drowsy she wouldn’t wake up anyway.

Except… I don’t mind. I actually like rocking her.

I know one day I’ll be like, “Go to sleep on your own!” But right now, while she still weighs just 15lbs… I don’t mind.

Right now, while I work 8 hours a day… I don’t mind.

I had a kind of rough weekend. Not even because of Lucy. Just because of stuff. I was really busy. I had to sing at a wedding for the first time. I blew it. I couldn’t see my notes, so I didn’t know what chords to play. Luckily, it was during the reception, so there was lots going on, and no one was really paying attention to me. Whew.

Another thing I’ve noticed about myself here lately. My fingernails…

After I had Lucy, I stopped biting them. Just.. Poof. Quit.

And now, I’m biting them again. I only bite them when they split and snag. And they are snagging on everything. So then, I’m constantly tearing them off. Which stinks. I liked my long nails. I’m going to have to do something about that. I’m most self conscience of my hands anyway.

Ok, onto fun stuff!

I told you about Wesley’s job this week that will pay off our credit card and lawn mower. I’m SO excited about that! That means we will only have my car, my student loans, and our house payment left! YESSS!!

And – I booked our Bed and Breakfast. The Kirkley Family, staying for one night in the Garden District of New Orleans! We are staying in an old timey little mansion. I’m so excited! Trust a lot pictures to come! Then we will go to Wesley’s dad’s house and spend a couple of nights there for Christmas.

So here are a few recent pictures. Here is Saturday morning. I love Saturday mornings!
Happy Saturday!
Sooo sweet!

And her grandma got her this fabulous hat!
Christmas hat!
It has most definately been cold enough to wear too! Like 10 degrees outside.. GEEZ.

This is what she looks like in Church. She just stares at Daddy…
Watching daddy
Sweet thing…

And after church…
Again.. I probably shouldn’t rock her as much as I do, because it makes her depend on it.. but WHO CARES!?
I want her to enjoy me.

And the cutest video – in first person view:

SO CUTE! I love those baby giggles!

And finally – don’t tell Lucy…
Here is what she’s getting for Christmas:

Its made by Cloud B. Its a Giraffe that plays music. It has a velcro strap on the back to attach it to a bed, car seat, stroller, etc. It has the option of 23 minutes or 45 minutes. Longer than ANY other toy I’ve found. It plays 3 songs and heart beat sounds. She’s going to get her present a little early – as in… Tuesday. I want her to get used to the sounds in her bed, in her house, so that when she’s in a different bed, in a different house, she still feels comfy. Hopefully little ole Giraffe will help our trip to Louisiana much smoother!

Again – don’t tell her.. Its a surprise! I may even wrap it up and let her open in on Christmas day too. That way she’ll already know what it does, and she’ll actually like her Christmas present.

I hope you’re enjoying this Christmas season! It’ll be gone before you know it!

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One thought on “Sleeping baby”

  1. Rock that baby as long as you want!! I did the same thing with Landon and now that he is almost 5 he still wants mommy to rock him. I love it, it is the only time he slows down and those sweet 15 minutes of rocking and singing together are priceless. My dad always told me that you will never regret these 2 things–1. rocking your babies 2. snuggling up to your babies at night and watching them sleep. So far he has been right! Praying your week passes quickly so you can enjoy the break with your sweet little one.

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