Falling off earth


I disappeared for a while there. With holidays and traveling, and holidays and more traveling, it was hard to blog. And then I decided to take on the task of cleaning my house, whilst watching Lucy.

Equals impossible.

I am not organizing my clutter.

I am getting rid of stuff.

eBay has decided to do free listings, so I’m hitting that up. I’ve already listed 10 things, and I have several others to add. I’m happy about it.

I only have a few minutes to blog. Lucy is sleeping, which means I need to be working. I have a deadline. FRIDAY. Friday my house will be another house. It will be clean!

We had a GREAT Christmas. Lucy had a blast. She got lots of fun stuff. She didn’t really know what was going on. She attempted to open presents. Well.. she put the wrapping paper in her mouth. Not really the same thing.

Tearing it open... Sorta

She met her 3rd cousin. They are two weeks apart. She was supposed to be two weeks younger than him, but instead she’s two weeks older.

3rd cousins- 2 weeks apart

She waited patiently to open her gifts.
Lucy waiting on presents

And – I found some pictures of Lucy on Wesley’s phone that I hadn’t seen. Thank Goodness he doesn’t delete them.
So little!
With daddy

Wow. I mean.. look at how small.

I love my baby.

And my baby is sleeping.

Which means I need to get back to work.

K Bye!

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One thought on “Falling off earth”

  1. Got Lucy a couple of things for Christmas. Keep forgetting to get them to you. Been such a busy time. Can’t believe the difference in what she looks like in the last picture with Wesley and the first picture with the Christmas present!!! Love you.

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