FMS: 60 Steps to get Lucy ready (AKA Why I’m always late)

I’m going to try and do a FMS (Funny Mom Story) from time to time. It just things that happen that are funny. They will be an addendum to my blog. Hopefully they will be funny. If not.. then just let me think they are and keep going on with what you’re doing.

Here are the steps I followed to get Lucy ready for church Sunday night. You can adjust these as necessary if you ever have to watch her.

Step 1: Wait for Lucy to wake up.
Step 2: Get Lucy out of crib.
Step 3: Put Lucy in high chair.
Step 4: Defrost frozen milk, while Lucy makes loud sounds in high chair.
Step 5: Mix rice cereal with milk, until desired consistency.
Step 6: Give Lucy a bite of rice cereal.
Step 7: Watch Lucy gag at first bite of rice cereal.
Step 8: Add warm water to thin out rice cereal.
Step 9: Come back to Lucy to find a new and different aroma around Lucy.
Step 10: Change Lucy’s diaper.
Step 11: Change Lucy’s socks…
Step 12: Put on new diaper.
Step 13: Adjust diaper.
Step 14: Put pants on Lucy.
Step 15: Take pants off Lucy and button up onesie.
Step 16: Put pants on Lucy again.
Step 17: Put Lucy back in high chair.
Step 18: Start feeding her again.
Step 19: Rice cereal is now too soupy, so it gets all over the high chair table.
Step 20: Watch Lucy play in rice cereal on table.
Step 21: Add rice cereal to the mix to thicken it up.
Step 22: Add water since Lucy gagged again.
Step 23: Watch Lucy stare at the back of her high chair.
Step 24: Get her attention again and give her another bite.
Step 25: Repeat Steps 23 and 24 – 12 times.
Step 26: Go to the sink and rinse off bowl and spoon and hands.
Step 27: Get a wet rag to wipe off Lucy.
Step 28: Wipe Lucy’s face off (She’ll scream here)
Step 29: Wipe of Lucy’s right hand.
Step 30: Wipe off Lucy’s face again.
Step 31: Wipe off Lucy’s left hand.
Step 32: Wipe off Lucy’s face again, while holding left hand.
Step 33: Wipe off Lucy’s right hand again.
Step 34: What’s that smell?
Step 35: Change Lucy’s diaper… again.
Step 36: Hold her feet with death grip so you don’t have to change her socks.. again.
Step 37: Button up onesies.
Step 38: Left leg in pants.
Step 39: Right leg in pants.
Step 40: Left leg in pants again
Step 41: Take pants off and change onesie because it had food on it.
Step 42: Find new onesies to put on.
Step 43: Get it halfway on and realize its way too small.
Step 44: Put it in the “too small to wear” box.
Step 45: Grab another onesie.
Step 46: Put on pants.
Step 47: Take pants off and button onesie.
Step 48: Left leg in pants.
Step 49: Right leg in pants.
Step 50: Take curtain out of Lucy’s mouth.
Step 51: Left leg in pants again.
Step 52: Find a bib to put on Lucy before you have to change onesies again.
Step 53: Look her over – make sure everything is where it needs to be.
Step 54: Look yourself over.
Step 55: How did that get there? Wash your hands
Step 56: Put Lucy in her car seat.
Step 57: Find her diaper bag.
Step 58: Find her paci.
Step 59: Still looking for her paci.
Step 60: She’s got her paci.

Grab purse, diaper bag, and baby and you are ready to go! It’s as easy as that!

Nights 15-17: It’s Official!

As of May 26, 2011 – I will be a stay at home mom! I’m quitting my job!

I’m so excited about this new chapter of my life! I told my boss and my superintendant today. I’m so relieved and so happy. I’m glad that its all out in the open and that this is what God has for me right now.

It’s amazing the doors that have opened for me in the past few days. Doors that let me know that I will be fine and I can make the amount of money that I need to pay the couple of bills that I’ll need to pay.

Here are the doors that opened for me between Thursday and Friday of last week:
1. PROBABLE JOB: Teaching adults in Mount Olive, MS Graphic Design, Photography, Painting and Drawing once a week at a price I set.

2. POSSIBLE JOB: Teaching Art at a home-school group next school year, one day a week.

3. ACTUAL JOB: Taking Prom Pictures for the High School. (I can probably make enough to purchase my new computer- that I NEED since mine died and STILL hasn’t turned back on!)

4. POSSIBLE JOB: Children’s Art Camp in Collins for a price I set.

5. GREAT NEWS: I told my Boss about me thinking about taking some time off, and he told me he would pay for me to take some online classes to get my CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) to renew my teaching license. Meaning – My Teaching license won’t expire for another 5 years!

6. PROBABLE JOB: Substitute Teaching for Covington and Smith County schools!

Isn’t that just AMAZING!

I cannot WAIT to become a stay at home mom! I’ll actually be doing more art stuff and teaching more art once I stop being an Art teacher! How crazy is that!

Goodness. I’m so happy.

I totally don’t have a case of the “Monday’s” today.

Lucy slept well last night (7 hours straight, without a paci!!), all my secret hidden news (quitting) is all out in the open, and I’m just having a great day.

Thank you Jesus – You are TOO Good to me!

I can’t wait until this is my job:

Night 14: This isn’t working (7 Month Portraits)

Last night was much like the others. A little sleep here, a little wake there. I’ve also figured out that if Lucy goes to bed before 8, she can’t make it through the night without eating. She’s woken up the past 2 nights at like 3:30 or 4 and will not go back to sleep until I feed her. Technically she’s waking at 2:30 or 3 and I am trying my hardest not to feed her – but after an hour of fussing and waking up every 10 minutes.. you gotta do what you gotta do.

Yesterday was beautiful, so she and daddy spent some time outside. Then when I got home we did SEVEN MONTH PORTRAITS! Yay!

Some came out alright and some came out better than alright. But I’ll let you be the judge.

Also – as you will tell by some of the pictures.. she’s growing up. Big time. She’s sitting up on her own now. She’s such a big girl. And again.. I haven’t started a new project yet with crocheting. I gotta get motivated!

Ok – here is her swing picture:
Swing Picture! 7 Months


Cutie PIE

Sitting up like a champ!

Seven Months

We always have Ed to help us take pictures. Seriously. Every time I go to take her picture Ed shows up. And rubs on her. And then she grabs him and gets a handful of hair. It’s a process….
Hello Kitty!


Hope you enjoy what should be a BEAUTIFUL weekend! I know I will. Its Friday.. what’s not to love!

Nights 12 and 13: Still Sick

I’m not going to get all detailed like usual. I don’t remember much of last night anyway.

What do I remember? I remember seeing 1:30 and I remember finally going back to bed at about 3. I remember rocking an incosolable baby. She cried and cried and I tried holding her different ways, on her back, on my chest, by my side.

Nothing worked.

Finally she started giving up so, I.. *GASP* laid her on her tummy and she fell right asleep. And she slept until 6:30 when I fed her before I left for work.

Every book says that you should never lay a baby on their stomach. I gotta do what I gotta do to get sleep though. She likes sleeping on her tummy. And the older generation was told to NEVER lay a baby on its back. Who knows right?

God knows. God will take care of Lucy. I know this. She’s already past the main age of being real concerned about what direction she sleeps. She can roll over from front to back and back to front – so it shouldn’t really matter anyway.

I’m thinking that the $65 dollar medicine that we got for her is making her so cranky. It says one of the side effects may be dizziness. And she literally CANNOT fall asleep when she’s taken it. And I’ll be honest – I’m not sure if it’s doing anything or not. Except making her extremely fussy.

I may call the doctor back. If this medicine isn’t helping (or just creating a tiny cute monster) then they should find something else… except I don’t want the next prescription to be 130 bucks that doesn’t work as well. Oh.. the joys of parenting.

Oh yeah.. and that whole Earned Income Credit that everyone and their mom told us would give us a *huge* tax break this year on our income tax… yeah.. we don’t qualify. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t qualify.

But guess what… we will next year 🙂

I finally told my Principal that I might not be coming back next year. I’m so glad I did. Probably the program that I teach will be shut down – I didn’t have many students actually sign up for this class anyway- and it would be hard to find someone with the qualifications to teach it.

I also – on Monday – I called about Health care for me and Lucy if I were to quit my job. AND.. we’d both be fully covered 🙂

We’ve had Wesley health insurance for the past 6 years. Guess how many times he’s used it. Yep. Not ONCE. So why are we throwing away almost 200 dollars a month? Not sure. Come July there will be no need 🙂

I’m using lots of smilies. I must be really tired. I haven’t started any more crochet projects. I think that’ll be my assignment for myself for today. Heck.. who knows. Ok. I’m off.

I wish I could take a nap on my desk.. but I teach teenagers so I’d probably wake up with a moustache drawn on my face or something.

Oh yeah – I forgot to post this picture froma while back – when we had that day off due to the Mississippi Ice storm? Lucy and I went out to take pictures of the ice.. we were all bundled up.. she’s so sweet!
Ice Day!

Night 11: A break

Short blog today.

Goooood night last night.

And not because my daughter is just the best… but mostly because her medicine made her sleepy. She fell asleep at like 7:30 and didn’t wake up until 3:30. And because of my night before and my lack of sleep – I fell asleep at 9. So I got a good 6 hours in. That was pleasant. That’s the longest I’ve slept in a LONG time. It was nice.

When she woke at 3:30 I fed her. I wouldn’t have normally, but since her last meal was at 7:30, instead of her regular 8:30 I didn’t want to make her wait an hour before she ate. That and she’s sick…

7 months sick free and all of a sudden she gets sick – and its not bad sick, just a light cold really. Thank you breastfeeding! I know that’s why she’s so healthy. I’m so glad I made that choice.

When I left this morning she already didn’t sound as bad as she did yesterday morning. We brought out the big guns: her medicine (which was a nice SIXTY-FIVE dollar surprise), humidifier, sleeping inclined, vapor bath and vicks vapor rub. All of that combined with a little mama time and I think she’ll be fine.

I remember as a kid being sick made me want my Mama more than anything in the world. And now, as a Mama.. makes me want my baby more than anything in the world. Funny how God plans that huh?

Ok – As promised – catch up on videos!

So… Each time I give Lucy a bite of food, she says, “MmMmm…” And I mean that. Every time. Even now. She does it. I don’t know if its because I had done it at first to try and get her to liking it or if she just really enjoys her food. Either way – its cute.

Lucy has now tried Sprite. And she… doesn’t like it. Maybe because its cold? Maybe the fizz? Who knows.

So far Lucy has tried Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Applesause and Pears. She doesn’t like the applesauce or the pears. She made a worse face with the pears than lemon! Weird kid. She’ll only eat applesauce when I mix it with her milk and rice cereal.

She is already Little Miss Independent. I know someone who used to call me that.

And finally… Here is why we can never find our baby.

Hope they made your day better!