This post will be short.

Lucy’s scratches look MUCH better.

I have been on the phone probably over 3 hours in the past few days talking to people about insurance MESS.

It such a waste of time dealing with companies.

I’ve got Lucy’s invitations all written out.. next – sending them! EEK!

I really can’t believe she’ll be one.

While I was at work yesterday afternoon, Wes sent me a text that said, “SKINNY DIPPIN!” And it was true.
Look at that cute BUTT!

Wes always says that she looks like a monkey when she crawls around naked. Its true. A CUTE monkey.

Little stinker.

She’s been sleeping good about every other night. Wes thinks he’s broken the key to it. Something about a morning nap REALLY helps her.

Girl’s got no shame.

Hope your HUMP day is awesome and leads to a speedy downhill to Friday.

Oh wait – do you know what FRIDAY is?

Yep. My last day of work.

My VERY last day of work – EVER.

Can you stinkin believe it?!

I can’t.

I really don’t think I have realized it. I don’t think it’ll sink in – until like August when I don’t go back to work.

I literally cannot wait until like, November when its muggy and cold outside and I won’t have to leave my house. My brain can’t even fit that into it.

I am so blessed!! AUGH!

Oh – Also- planning mine and Wesley’s first VACAY after school. We are going to go down to Wesley’s Dad’s house and stay the week. They love for us to come visit and I added it up – either us pay $120 to stay in Florida in a hot camper, with no AC, a shared bathroom and shower, paying for all our meals, and possibly a fussy baby OR stay for free at a house with a pool, free to stay, probably some free meals in there and probably also a free babysitter for a few nights… UH.. DUH. Poolside it is. I can’t wait to get my tan on.

Again – I hope your week flys by. Wish the same for me!

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