Devotional: Jesus loves Us

None of this fazes us because Jesus loves us. Romans 8:37

This is going to be a combined devotional/blog. Why? Because. Let me start with me.

Yesterday morning I woke up and started my day. I hurt a lot yesterday. No real serious pregnancy pains, just.. the good ole ache of being pregnant and carrying a low baby. So, I go to my hall bathroom to pee, because, well, I can pee pretty much every 20 minutes. I get in there, and gasp, because of what I see.

At first I thought someone had forgotten to flush.

Then I thought, if Wesley Kirkley did this as a joke.. He got me.

So I freaked and then walked away. Sent a text to Wes that said something to the effect of “I hate you”, and found out that the mouse, apparently, had a death wish. Wesley hadn’t done it. Smart guy. I love him again.

So my day goes like every other day.

Then I go to bed. I’m laying there, and I’m stinking WIDE awake. Cannot sleep. Not for any reason, just.. awake. Which is the worst. So finally around like 11:30 or 12 midnight I finally fall asleep.

And BOOM at 2 am I feel something tiny, wet, and cold slap my face.

Thankfully, I wasn’t in a deep sleep, so I slapped it off. Then I realized, it was a TREE FROG. I heart him jumping toward the bathroom.

Now, I’m not one of those girls who is terrified of reptiles. I had a White’s Tree Frog for a pet for a while. I like frogs.

I do not like them on my face at 2 am when I’m trying to sleep.

So I still hear him, and I need to pee. So I get out my phone’s flash light, because the only thing that would make this worse is if I stepped on him and crushed his tiny body. And where do I find him?

On my toilet paper. So, I flick him off and do my biz and go back to bed.

Then I hear it.


Spat, Spat.

He’s hopping back into the bedroom. I turn on my light again, and there he is, on my rug, looking at me.

So instead of ignoring lil froggy, because I know that if I ignore him, he’ll be all up on my face again in a minute, so I get up, AGAIN, and take him outside.

That was the end of nature for the night. But then, I was GOOD and awake. Didn’t go back to sleep until after 4am.

And when my alarm went off at 7am, I was up an attem’ again. Not sure if my hormones are making me stay awake or what, but it stinks.

I then get online.

And I see what happened in Colorado.

I see the chaos, and I can understand the hurt from this event. If you don’t know, click here.

Basically, a man showed up to a midnight showing (because he knew it would be packed), unloaded some tear gas into a crowd, then started shooting. He killed (as of now I believe) 14 people. He wounded over 50. The youngest person wounded was a 3 month old baby. The oldest was 45.

This makes my crazy animals being thrown at me by the universe sorta… unimportant.

This makes my pregnancy pains (that every 9 month pregnant woman faces) sorta… unimportant.

Basically, as Christians, we are needed right now.

We are needed and here and need to be here to show that verse that I posted is real.

Yes, it does faze us. When these things happen we are always caught off guard. The news shocks me pretty much hourly. But we have to be strong for the people who need us.

Now, I’m not 100% sure, but fairly sure none of the people reading my blog personally knew anyone that was directly affected by this event – but we are all still Christians right?

We are to love. And love can reach out far beyond our grasp.

We need to pray for these people. We need to actually pray for them. We need to not just update our facebook status and say, “This is terrible, my heart goes out… blah blah” We need to actually do something, because doing something like praying can ACTUALLY HELP.

We need to step up. It shouldn’t faze us, because Jesus loves us. And because He loves us, we need to love them and do what we can. We may not can physically go to Colorado, but we can send our prayers that way and our God can definitely reach down and make this terrible situation MUCH less terrible for some.

This doesn’t faze us. We a Christians. We are followers of a MIGHTY God who is fully capable of healing each and every life affected by this insane person. He can reach down and comfort, in a way that even their family members can’t. But its up to us to do our part.

Will you join me in praying for these people? I hope so.

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