Devotional: 2 Corinthians 3 and Judah-bump

Sorry about no blog yesterday. Had a Doctor appointment at 8am.

And when God is personally present, a living Spirit, that old, constricting legislation is recognized as obsolete. We’re free of it! All of us! Nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of his face. And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him. 2 Corinthians 3:17-18 MSG

I was sitting in church Sunday, and Wesley had just finished his message. And I was looking at how many people were coming down to get some prayer. And then I remembered how many times I’d heard people when they come to me for prayer say something like, “I’ve been waiting on Sunday to get here for this!”

If you are in a struggle, or if you just need some strength to make it to the end of the work day, you can come to God.

I do believe there is power when you have more than one person praying in full agreement about something – the bible even says so (Matthew 18:20), but there is also power when we let our flesh step aside and just come to God on our own and confess out of our own mouth his power and our need for his mercy and grace in our lives.

Our God is personally present. And since He is personally present, that means that anyone can talk to him at any time. Anywhere. He’s ready. He’s willing. You don’t need a pastor, you don’t need me, you don’t need a bible, you don’t even have to get on your knees.

God has this amazing power to see straight through our bodies and look deep into our hearts. And he can see when we are asking something that means something to us. He knows when we are being real with him. And he loves it.

On a side note, if you never have gotten prayed for, or over, or even with one other person, it is helpful. It’s meaningful. It’s good to have someone who has possibly been there before you and come out on the other side to have a little insight to pray better for you.

And the last side (this must be a triangle…), if you never pray at all, never discuss anything with God, then you need to start. He is what fuels this universe, and He wants to hear from you. I’m guilty of kinda ‘chatting’ with Him all day. I talk to him when I’m cooking, or cleaning. Most of you would say, “No, Andrea, you’re talking to yourself…” Well, yes and no. I’m talking to Him, because He’s with me. But rarely do I just sit and really pray a long consistent prayer to him.

And He convicted me of that when I read this verse yesterday morning. So I started doing just that. I had a nice long conversation with him about the biggest thing on my mind right now. My kids.

And when it was over, I felt relieved, and uplifted. I know he is capable of all that he says he is. He’s not a liar. And I prayed over my children like I never have. I’m sure Lucy thought I was nuts. Oh well.. Doesn’t matter.

And I couldn’t do any of that on a Sunday morning. I couldn’t wait until Sunday to pray for my kids. I needed to do it then. Yesterday. Tuesday. And I did.

Don’t be scared to come to God with your petitions and requests. He wants to hear them, and he tore the veil so that we could come to him at any point, any place, any time to give them over to him.

Trust me on this.

Life Blog

Well, I had a Dr appointment yesterday. She walked in laughing. She said, “Well. You are still pregnant. I laughed when I saw your name on my list this morning. I didn’t think you’d make it to this point!”

Gee.. uplifting. Yes. I made it. Me and my 37 week pregnant self made it to 37 weeks. And all my symptoms came with me.

Then she checked me. From Monday of last week, to yesterday.. no change.

Not one bit. No more dilation, no more effacement. Nada.

Judah-bump wants to be right where he is. He’s nice and comfy. I’m still 1 cm dilated, and about 50% effaced.

So then she said, “Well… you think you can hold out one more week?”


Say.. what?

I guess. What do you mean dr lady?

She decided that because of Judah-Bump’s size (she’s thinking he weighs about 8lbs right now) and my “gestational diabetes” (that I still don’t think I have) that it would be best for me to deliver as early as safely possible.


So she said, “You can come in Monday, and we’ll get some paper work done, and then Tuesday we can induce you, if you are okay with that.”

HECK YEAH I’m okay with that!

Now, really, I know that inductions can be painful and hard. I had a baby with no epidural. I can handle it. Especially when the end is SO very in sight. I also know there are risks to inductions, but there is also a higher risk of him getting too big for me to deliver naturally anyway – so.. that’s kinda a lose-lose.

And when you are talking having a baby – there are risks all around regardless how you get there.

Now, yes, I would much rather start labor on my own. Of course. But, given I had no change what-so-ever in a week, it seems as if that may not happen this go-round. At least not til much closer to my due date, and at that point I could be looking at a 10lb baby.

No way. That won’t happen. Lucy was almost 7lbs. So my dr said that my hips had been “tested” to that size baby, but hadn’t been tested to anything over that, and she’s pretty sure he’s bigger than that already. That is her main reason for wanting to induce at 38 weeks.

Most patients with Gestational Diabetes are induced between 38 and 39 weeks anyway. And since I’m technically considered a GD patient, I get my lil boy sooner.

So what am I doing this last week??

Enjoying the mess out of my little precious girl.

We go for walks every day. Most of the time I put her in the stroller, so I can actually walk. But some days I let that girl run free!


She’s so sweet. I’ve been rocking her to sleep for naps. It’s quite the special time we have. I rock and she slaps my face. Awe. But then she actually falls asleep and I just look at her. Big sister.

I want to enjoy this week with her. Her last week as an only child. Kinda sad. Kinda exciting.

I will say having the induction is WAY easier to plan. Lucy will stay with MawMaw the night before (we’ll have to be at the hospital at 5:30am) YOWZAA. I don’t have to worry about waking her up in the middle of the night because my water broke.

Now I will say this – I’m walking my legs off this week in hopes to go into labor on my own. And if it doesn’t work, then maybe it’ll prime me up a little more for my induction. They say if you are dilated and effaced a little more, that the pitocin (the induction drug) is easier on you. So, this way, win-win!

I’ve been making myself busy too. I made some Pee Pee Teepee’s.

These are for the little guy. When you change baby boy’s diapers, they tend to pee when cool air hits there.. little man parts. But this is a little teepee you put right on top so if they do, it doesn’t hit you, say.. in the face.

Nobody likes pee in their mouth.

And I did my nails.

It was actually pretty easy. I used glitter that I got from Hobby Lobby. Just.. regular sprinkle glitter, on top of a base coat of black. Then layered it with some “acrylic gel hardener” that I got from Fred’s. They seriously feel like gel nails, except they took a little longer to dry than the gel.



And today I have a list of things to do to keep me occupied. Now that there is a definite end in sight, and its a date rather than an unknown event, I’m much more relaxed. But I do know that I still could have him sooner. So, I’m still trying to keep my house in order (like, dishes washed, not leaving clothes in the dryer. Stuff that would be really gross to come home to when you’ve been gone for 2 days.)

So I’m off to start my last week of being a parent of an only child.

This feels good.

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