Devotional and 25 Months Old and Nervous!

“And now, Master god, being the God you are, speaking sure words as you do, and having just said this wonderful thing to me, please, just one more thing: Bless my family; keep your eye on them always. You’ve already as much as said that you would, Master god! Oh, may your blessing be on my family permanently!” 2 Samuel 7:28 MSG

I know I said I was going to not do any devotionals this week… but I opened my app and this was the verse. How could I NOT at least share this verse with y’all today??

This verse is EXACTLY what I feel today.

Last night I was writing (I’m an on and off again journaler). I used to write literally every day, then I had a toddler. Now I’m writing again to remember Judah’s pregnancy and hopefully I’ll continue writing some after he gets here.

Anyway – I was writing last night and felt the need to write the prayers I have for my children. The big ones, not the every day ones. Of course I want them safe and secure, but I want more for their lives than I had. And that doesn’t mean toys.

I prayed for Lucy – that she would grow up and be a smart kid, a wise teenager and a Godly woman.

I prayed for Judah that he would be bold in Christ and keep him first in every decision he made.

I prayed for both of their spouses, and them as spouses. Being married isn’t always easy. I want them to be successful at it.

I concluded both prayers that they would both know that no matter the circumstance, I would always be there for them. I would love them through whatever situation they were in and that I was always for their good. Just like our Father is for ours.

And this verse just tops it off.

It’s so strange knowing when Judah will be here. Knowing that I’ll see him and hold him tomorrow is… not what I’m used to. Lucy coming 4 weeks early and catching me COMPLETELY by surprise is all I know. Surprised.

But with Judah.. it’s planned. We have arrangements for Lucy already, and my house is in order. No steaks left out in the fridge this time!

It’s nice knowing, but also very weird.

I also, decided to take Lucy’s picture again. I know, I know…

I said I would stop at 24 months, but there was the dress… and the sunny day.. and the cute as can be toddler… I couldn’t resist! I still want to take her picture as often as I had been (I mean, with my good camera and stuff…) So.. without further delay…

25 Months Old Swing

My baby is getting SO big!! And she’s wearing the second dress I made for her!
25 Months Old

I love a barefoot little girl.
25 Months Old

25 Months Old

25 Months Old

And some dress details 🙂 I’m proud of this one really…
25 Months Old

I got to use my double needle! I’m so glad I bought that. Makes hems looks super nice.
25 Months Old

So what have I been doing?

A lot of rocking.

More sewing. What a cute little model I have!

Some kissin’!

Its our last day just the two of us girls (uh.. and Wes too I guess…) So I’m trying to soak up this little cutie as much as I can.

And lastly? I’ve been growing.

If you aren’t friends with me on facebook – add me – that’s where I’ll be doing most of my updating on Lil Judah’s transition from bump to baby.

See you all soon! And I hope to be posting pictures of a cute little boy really soon!

I just worry.. I don’t know if he can match Lucy’s cuteness… 😉 He’s got big cute shoes to fill!

Thanks for taking this journey with me!

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2 thoughts on “Devotional and 25 Months Old and Nervous!”

  1. How I love to read your journeling(sp?)!!!! Please keep it up if @ all possible. I realize you will be even busier when Judah gets here. Lucy is just precious and always has the most angelic content look. You know you just might be a budding, famous author!!!!!

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