Devotional: Proverbs 18 // Our sweet toddler

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose. Proverbs 18:21

I know I’ve used this verse before- but I think we forget it all too often. We have to remember that there is more power in the things that we say than we are aware of. Good and bad.

If your life is filled with negativity- it might be because you always speak negative things.

I ran into a guy I went to high school with a few days back. I haven’t seen this guy in over 3 years easy, and it was the second time I’ve seen him since graduation.

He came up to me and called me by my maiden name, which I haven’t heard in 8 years. I asked him how he was, and his response? “You know, eat, ****, work.”

I haven’t seen this guy but twice in a decade and that’s what he leads with. He continued with his uber negativity, while I (sadly) admit I tried to get away. Finally I managed to squeeze in, “well, I gotta get back home to my kids..” and even that got a “You’ve got a kid?” instead of “Congrats”.

This guy has a miserable life, and I can’t help but think it may have something to do with his attitude.

I thought once I left, how blessed this guy was- he has a job during (practically) a depression. He is able to work. He can walk and see. Even that is a blessing! But he had rather focus on the few things in his life that aren’t 100% how he’d want them.

Don’t be like this. Focus on the good. Then speak about it, thank God for it. Realize that your life is not terrible even if it’s not exactly what you thought you’d have.

God is good, an he’s good enough to help you be a happier person just by saying it (even before you feel it)!

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Going to the dr this am. Hopefully we can find out the problem Mr. Judah has been having. You know, the late night shrieks. Monday and tuesday nights he vomited, then ate again, then slept good. He’s been sleeping relatively good- considering he sounds like he’s in pain before he falls asleep.

Literally he’ll be just as happy a can be, then he’ll cry a loud burst, and writhe around, and then he’ll calm down. He’s done it more frequently during the day, but it’s still the worst at night.

He’s a cute lil guy though, I don’t want him to hurt!


Oh yeah! This cute lil guy smiled at me today- TWICE! Oh, my. Melted my heart!


Lucy has been warming up to him. She asks to hold him from time to time. She’s such a sweet girl. Goodness I love her.

Today I rocked her before her nap for a few. She always wants me to rub her nose, just up and down her nose. So I rubbed it for a few. Then she, because she’s so sweet, rubbed mine. She liked it so assumed I would too.

And then I cried a little.

Later today Daddy was painting the hallway, and he dropped some paint on his toe. She was standing under him, walked off to the kitchen, mumbled some stuff, came back to him with a napkin and wiped his toe off. How cute is that?

She’s quite particular about stuff. It’s very cute.

We went outside and played today too.





Brother was much less impressed.


And in case you were wondering- here’s out freshly painted bathroom! With trim and all!



I love it! It looks so good being finished.

Okay- I’m off! Hope the rest of your week is great!

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2 thoughts on “Devotional: Proverbs 18 // Our sweet toddler”

  1. Precious precious pics —- we just want to be squeezing both of our precious grandchildren 🙂 Wes told Johnny that Judah has acid reflux and is doing better so that is soooo good. It is soooo hard to see them hurt and they can’t tell you what hurts :-). Thank you for sharing the adorable pics and we love you four so very much!

  2. Andrea, Steph occasionally sends me your link so i can read your devotionals and see pics of Lucy and Judah. They are so sweet,I know you and Wes are so very proud. I don’t know if it would be of any help to you, but i kept a little boy from birth to well over a year old and he was born with baby reflux. I had never seen it before, nor had the mother. It was very difficult to deal with and keep him comfortable and well nourished. I started researching the internet about his symptoms and his mom took him to the Dr. There are ways to help the baby through it and eventually they grow out of it as everything develops and works properly. If i can help at all,or if you’d like to just talk with someone who cared for a little one with baby reflux, i’m right here! By the way, my little man began to grow out of it around 9 months and steadily improved. He is fine and healthy, growing big and strong and eats whatever he likes now! ha Give Lucy and Judah a hug and kiss for me. Hey Wes!! Just wanted you to know i’m here if you want someone to share stories/remedies with! love and prayers to you all, Aunt Deanie

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