Devotional: Isaiah 40 // First Christmas

True, the grass withers and the wildflowers fade, but our God’s Word stands firm and forever. Isaiah 40:8 MSG

The Word is a lot stronger than we ever give it credit for. I’m 100% sure of that. It is powerful. It is a double edged sword.

It also will never change, and will never fade, and will never lose its power.

There are some pretty awesome promises in the Word. You won’t ever know them all unless you dig in and find them 🙂

It is also comfort to the hurting.

Strength for the weak.

Honesty for the confused.

Truth for the believer.

It’s got all of our hopes in it.

It’s full of Grace.

It’s full of Joy.

It’s full of peace.

But you won’t find that unless you get in it.

We have promises of salvation, and suppling our needs.

Promises of protection and grace.

It’s all in there. We have to remember that reading the word and taking time to get into isn’t a hindrance to our lives. It’s completely beneficial.

Remember that when you read it.

Life Blog

We had our first Christmas last night. Our kiddos enjoyed opening their presents. It took Lucy a sec to get into it, but once she did, she really enjoyed herself.

Of course…



She was quite amazed at her reflection in the Christmas ornaments.



Judah loved his presents too 🙂



He scored a super cute hat and some awesome shoes 🙂


They also got some puzzles and a tea set, Lucy got some sweet boots, and some princess shoes. They also got a thing that’ll hold the iPhone in it so they can play with it without us having to worry about it busting. Pretty cute.

We got some super nice luggage.

Christmas is such a blessed time.

I also took a nap with my babies, I wanted to be close to them both. I woke up with a hand in my face.



Did you know a nap with 2 babies is twice as sweet?

And finally- a gift from Lucy to you!



She traced over my writing all by herself! I’m so proud. And she is too- she makes me sit about 3″ from her when she’s writing, to tell her “good job”. The girl loves praise.

Well, she and I both wish you a Merry Christmas!

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