Devotional: Jeremiah 29

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the L ord . “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11 NLT)

Ok- so yesterday we concluded this:

We have a victory over anything and everything that satan does, even though he is very powerful, because of the Spirit that lives within us.

Today I want us to look at this verse in Jeremiah.

God has plans for us. And they are plans for good.

Lets look at Job. He is what ties all of this so nicely together.

Started out with it all. Satan comes in and destroys everything. Takes his wealth, his family and his health. But in the end? Job ended up more wealthy than before, with a loving family and great health.

Why? Well, that was Gods plan. And God’s plans for us are good.

He can take whatever situation, and turn it around. Trust me.

Tomorrow will be our final day. And will complete this weeks study.

Life Blog

Life at the Kirkley house is going fine. Been potty training a little more consistently, and Lucy’s handling it pretty well. Still no poops in the potty. (Yeah, I straight up just went there…)

I have this app on my phone that shows me my past in 1 year increments, called Timehop. It showed me 1 year ago yesterday:


This was my blog. Look at the words Lucy was saying. That was it! Just a small handful of words. And now? She’s a motor mouth!

Amazing what a year can do.

And my little man slept the whole night without his paci. Lucy didn’t do that for the first time until a couple of weeks ago. I may stop giving it to him now just to avoid another toddler who can’t be more than an hour away from it.

Ok. We have a super busy day today. Won’t get any potty training done today. Oh well. She won’t be 5 still in diapers. I’m trying to learn to let stuff go.

It’s hard sometimes.

Ok- y’all have a great Thursday!

Devotional: 1 John 4

But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world. (1 John 4:4 NLT)

Lets recap:
1. Satan is strong, but when we call on Jesus, he has to flee.
2. The armor of God is there to protect us from all satan’s tricks.

Today I want you to focus on the fact that you, as a Christian, belong fully to God.

Because of that, God takes our weaknesses and turns them into his strength, because he lives within us.

When we go through trials and come out better, it’s because of Him within us.

I’ve seen Christians lose loved ones, and they are very upset. But with time, they have made peace with it and pretty much continued their life without problems.

I’ve seen non-Christians lose te same friend as the Christian, and within time become more and more of a mess. They don’t have an inner power source to help them cope with things that happen to us in the world we live in.

But we do.

Anything that comes our way can be made into good for us- because of Him.

So to tie all this together into a neat little bow:

We have a victory over anything and everything that satan does, even though he is very powerful, because of the Spirit that lives within us.

Come back tomorrow for part 4!

Devotional: Ephesians 6

Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11 NLT)

Yesterday we talked about satan having to bow to the authority of Jesus’ name. And we talked about of sneaky he is and that we can pretty much guarantee he’s the one causing the trouble.

Today I want you to see exactly how we “resist” the devil to make him flee.

We use the armor of God.

The belt of truth. The breastplate of righteousness. Sandals of the readiness of the gospel. The shield of faith. The helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit.

If we have all of this- the devil has nothing else.

We have to be honest. That’s what keeps us put together. Belts keep our pants up. If your at war, the last thing you want is your pants at your ankles. You cannot win anything with dishonestly.

We have to have our breastplate of righteousness. This protects out heart. Our heart needs to be pure and righteous. If we fill our heart with gunk from the world, we will not be steady in our battles. It has to be pure.

Our feet must be ready to serve. All of the gospel is talking about love. Last week was all about living others. If we are not ready to serve others, then we might as well go barefoot on the battlefield. Imagine how painful that would be!

The shield of faith. Not attached to you, but held so tightly. It’s faith. You can share it with others if they need it. It can guard any part of you that needs guarding.

The Helmet if salvation. You have a mind and you have to keep that mind on your salvation- which is in Christ. You have to actively pursue Christ each day- and you do that with your mind- not your feelings.

And finally? The only offensive weapon- a sword. The Word. If you have the Word, then you have all you really need to battle him.

The last thing I want to show you is this: “stand firm”.

The armor doesn’t cover your back- and for a reason. We are not supposed to run from the devil. It also doesn’t have cannons or chariots- because we aren’t supposed to charge him either.

We are wearing sandals- so we are moving forward- and sometimes in our moving forward he decides to attack- that’s when we use what we know to make him scamper.

I hope this helped clarify yesterday’s verse. Tomorrow will start to link it all together!

Hope your Tuesday is terrific!

Devotional: James 4 // Weekend Recap

So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (James 4:7 NLT)

This week doesn’t really have a theme but it does connect.

There are thousands of tricks up Satan’s sleeves. There are so many ways that he pressures us, confuses us, tempts us, lures us, and adds challenges to our lives.

Even really simple things that we wouldn’t blame on him normally, like a dog barking all Saturday night which gives us one smidgeon of a reason to not go to church on Sunday. Those kinds of things. I blame him, not nature.

But one thing is for sure – one thing I know for a fact – is that satan, as powerful as he is, is still completely under the authority of the name of Jesus.

If we resist him, he will flee.

He has too. He is limited in his power. Christ is not.

Now – saying that – I do want you to realize how powerful he is. He isn’t a wimp, he has been around the block once or twice. He knows what will catch you off guard, he knows how to trip you up, and he has some authority to do those things. So do not pretend like he is a kitten or puppy. He is the devil, he is strong, he is sneaky and waiting around every corner for you.

Be aware. Be ready. Be able to resist him. That we can do. We have that power inside of us. When something happens and you immediately feel threatened, don’t just assume that’s “your luck”. I do not believe in chance or luck. Things are scheduled and things are planned out and God knows what will happen. And satan is ready and waiting to throw a kink in our day.

When something happens, be aware that it could be him, and resist.

How? How do you resist? First off, tell him that. Physically say, “I resist you, in the name of Jesus”.

Secondly? Get in the word about your current situation. If you are having guilt issues, look up guilt. If you can’t focus, clear your mind. Repeat the name of Jesus over and over.

Resist the devil and he will flee.

That’s one of our many perks as Christians.

Life Blog

The past few days have been absolutely beautiful. No way to avoid getting out in it.  So me and little man have been taking walks when Daddy takes Lucy with him.




Look at those teensy hands.



And these eyes.




And he’s ticklish in his ears, in addition to every other part of him. This kid is SO ticklish.



Also.. can fall asleep anywhere.



Lucy loves Hunny, our chihuahua.



And she also likes to irritate her little brother. How cute huh?



He got her arm moved for a minute…



Then I had about 4 more pictures of her with her elbow in his eye.

And our chickens have been hard at work. YAY!


We currently have 3 1/2 dozen eggs. So… there’s that. And then we found these yesterday.



A teensy egg and a middle sized egg. How funny!


Ok – hope your Monday doesn’t feel like a Monday!

Devotional: Romans 13 // The Almost Relapse

Don’t run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other. When you love others, you complete what the law has been after all along. The law code—don’t sleep with another person’s spouse, don’t take someone’s life, don’t take what isn’t yours, don’t always be wanting what you don’t have, and any other “don’t” you can think of—finally adds up to this: Love other people as well as you do yourself. You can’t go wrong when you love others. When you add up everything in the law code, the sum total is love. (Romans 13:8-10 MSG)

The sum total is love.

We’ve looked at how important loving others is this week. The bible clearly states that it is very important. It says to love people regardless how they act toward you, their motives, whatever. It says to love people like you love yourself, the things you do for yourself you should do for others.

And everything we do should be based on love.

Being nice to others, including their needs in our agendas, focusing in the good instead of the bad, letting go of their past mistakes: all ways we can show love.

But these verses clearly state things we can avoid to show love.

Don’t cheat on the person you are with. That hurts both people involved.

Don’t steal things that aren’t yours. If you want nice things, work for it. Earn it. Don’t constantly be jealous of them either. That clouds your judgement and makes it harder for you to love clearly.

And of course, don’t murder someone. (Let’s clarify this: murder, not protecting yourself. There is a difference. If you bust up in my house while I am here with my children, I can guarantee you will leave my house with a bullet in you. Protecting your family is showing love to them. People can be evil nowadays.)

Back on track. Murdering someone, plotting their death. That’s wrong- but also- the word tells us if we hate, we’ve already committed murder in our hearts. So, keep that in mind.

Those are ways to show love by avoiding an action.

And what happens when we follow through with these things?

The law is made complete. You can’t go wrong when you love others.

The world will work the way it’s supposed to, when we love others.

I hope this week has been beneficial and that you’ve started to see the importance of loving other people.

It really can change things.

Life Blog

This’ll be brief.

Last night I was rocking my Lucy. We started a new bedtime routine since we are officially 2 weeks paci-less as of Tuesday! (She deserves a chip huh?)

I reach over to grab a book. I’m digging through my stack and I hear Lucy say, “yay.”

I look down and what do I see?

A long lost pacifier.

Whole, intact, and ready to pacify.

So I fumble my words, “whaa, uh, where did you- you don’t need that anymore!” And I snatch it up as quickly as possible.

So I read her night time story (The Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss). And I rock her for a minute, per her request.

Then I say, “it’s time for bed.”

I lift her up and start carrying her to her room. As we are walking she says, “paci?”

I say nothing.


She ain’t busting this.

So I lay her down, I make sure she has her blanket- I don’t even mention paci heart, and I cover her up.

She rolls over and falls asleep.

I then quickly destroy the last paci.

Or so I hope.

That could have been awful.

We could have started over. It took Lucy a solid 2 weeks to break the habit. With a relapse it would have been even harder.


Ok… Off to get my house back in order again. I’m trying to stay on top of the mess now. It’s working too. My house is much cleaner which makes me a much happier person.

Y’all have a great weekend!!