Devotional: Psalm 56 // Day & Night 3 without Paci

When I get really afraid I come to you in trust. I’m proud to praise God; fearless now, I trust in God. What can mere mortals do? (Psalm 56:3-4 MSG)

When we have life events that make us ‘really afraid’ there are a few ways we can respond to God. Here is what I’ve seen people do. For each of these I’m talking about good ole church folks. The don’t miss much church kind of people.

First type: The Dropout

Catastrophe strikes.

Now? Can’t find them in church ever.

I see this a lot. It’s like someone’s plate is so full, and you add one more thing And basically, something’s gonna fall off your plate because you “can’t do it all!” And so out goes church.

Second: The Sufferer

Catastrophe strikes, and they have no change in their life whatsoever.

Everything in life stays the same, they keep coming to church, but that doesn’t change the situation. They just suffer through it.

Next: The Chit Chat

This person talks about it, but doesn’t do anything about it. They ask everyone around them to keep them in their prayers, but that’s where it ends.

Finally: The Clinger

This is where we want to be. Once catastrophe hits- we need to immediately hit our knees and start grabbing for Jesus.

He is the only thing that can make a catastrophe, a not catastrophe.

Please don’t be the first one. I see this more often than the others. I see the third one most after that.

If its important enough for you to ask others to pray for it- you should be praying about it yourself.

You should be talking to God, telling him the situation and letting him help you through it. Discussing with friends and trusted people can help as well, but don’t forget the source.

We’ve already established this week that God is fully present and constantly with us- even in our catastrophe times.

He should be our first stop, our first phone call, and our only hope.

Life Blog

Day 3.

Went a lot better than the previous two.

We’ve stuck to our guns and I’m thinking paci might be gone for good!

Last night I rocked her for a few minutes. As I rocked her I prayed over her. I told her the story of Ariel and then I told her that she better hold out for her prince. Because she’s worth so much.

Then I told her that I loved her, and that I was very proud of how she has been acting since we lost her paci. And then I told her that tonight she was going to sleep in her bed, and mama was going to sleep in hers. But that doesn’t change how much I love her. I asked her if that sounded ok, and she said “ok”.

I cannot process how much my heart feels for that little girl. Seeing her respond to me like that, knowing she’s big enough to understand some of what I said…

She’s truly amazing.

So after I rocked her for a little bit, I said, “ok, it’s time. I’m gonna go lay you down.”

I laid her in her bed and she went right to sleep. No crying, no whining, just went to sleep. Then I followed.

Judah only woke once to eat so I got good sleep (relative good, y’all).

I’m very impressed with how she’s done. And I think she’s finally getting better. This Saturday will be 2 weeks she’s had this crud. Not fair to her.

Ok- that is all. I’m going to get started on my house again, and hopefully will have it in order by Monday.

If you prayed for my Lucy through any of this- thanks. It helped.

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