Devotional: Jeremiah 29

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the L ord . “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11 NLT)

Ok- so yesterday we concluded this:

We have a victory over anything and everything that satan does, even though he is very powerful, because of the Spirit that lives within us.

Today I want us to look at this verse in Jeremiah.

God has plans for us. And they are plans for good.

Lets look at Job. He is what ties all of this so nicely together.

Started out with it all. Satan comes in and destroys everything. Takes his wealth, his family and his health. But in the end? Job ended up more wealthy than before, with a loving family and great health.

Why? Well, that was Gods plan. And God’s plans for us are good.

He can take whatever situation, and turn it around. Trust me.

Tomorrow will be our final day. And will complete this weeks study.

Life Blog

Life at the Kirkley house is going fine. Been potty training a little more consistently, and Lucy’s handling it pretty well. Still no poops in the potty. (Yeah, I straight up just went there…)

I have this app on my phone that shows me my past in 1 year increments, called Timehop. It showed me 1 year ago yesterday:


This was my blog. Look at the words Lucy was saying. That was it! Just a small handful of words. And now? She’s a motor mouth!

Amazing what a year can do.

And my little man slept the whole night without his paci. Lucy didn’t do that for the first time until a couple of weeks ago. I may stop giving it to him now just to avoid another toddler who can’t be more than an hour away from it.

Ok. We have a super busy day today. Won’t get any potty training done today. Oh well. She won’t be 5 still in diapers. I’m trying to learn to let stuff go.

It’s hard sometimes.

Ok- y’all have a great Thursday!

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