Devotional: Matthew 7 // Yesterdays fun

Therefore, whatever you want others to do for you, do also the same for them — this is the Law and the Prophets. (Matthew 7:12a HCSB)

Ah, the ole Golden Rule.

We preach this to our kids, and we drill them about sharing and being nice, and then we call our BFF and talk about someone and how terrible they dress, or how dumb they are.

Yeah. That’s us.

Kids are naturally selfish. We all know that, and adults… Well, we have to work real hard at not being selfish. By selfish, I’m simply meaning thinking of others before yourself.

Our selfishness is the main cause of us not following this command that Jesus said.

Would you want people to talk about your screw ups and stumbles? Then don’t talk about theirs.

Would you want people to judge your appearance? Then don’t judge theirs.

I once had a woman tell me that she didn’t realize you could go to heaven with a tattoo.

Wow lady. What a nice way of telling me I’m going to hell.

Which, of course, I’m not.

Ink in your skin won’t prevent that. The only thing that prevents that is the not accepting Christ as your savior. The not following him. She was judging me, in a pretty harsh way. And it hurt my feelings, not going to lie. She wasn’t just a stranger.

Moving on… You have to be aware that your words and actions to others do affect them. Even if they don’t ever hear you say them.

If I talk to Sally about Jane, then Sally now thinks a little less of Jane. Jane is affected by my words, even though she didn’t hear them.

Lets not even get started how social media has made this worse. People forget that there are other people behind a screen somewhere and say things they would never say to someone’s face. Don’t be that person.

Lets all grow up a little bit and start thinking about others more.

Life Blog

Haven’t been sleeping much. Not really sure why. Judah just seems restless. He wakes easy, and then doesn’t cry, just.. Talks. Loudly. Then I’ll feed him, even though he doesn’t act real hungry, and he’ll fall back asleep and wake again in 2 1/2 hours.

I’ve been living on 2 1/2 hour naps. That’s why my blogs have been short.

He’s still cute though…


And look at this adorable bathtime baby!!

And little Mr. Man standing up beside daddy (he isn’t pulling up, but can hold himself up pretty good!)

And this girl…


Acting grown.

And bad.

She’s gotten more whippins in the past week than her whole life.

Partially because she’s trying to outgrow naps, but she still needs them, then she gets real crazy.

In the past week she has
– drawn on our tub with a permanent marker
– painted her nails on my leather couch with my BRAND new polish
– fallen off the couch because she was jumping on it (which is against the rules)
– thrown like 4 tantrums (where she will toss herself down to the floor and just cryy)

So.. me without sleep and her.. you can see how my week has been.

She still desperately needs a nap, but she doesn’t get sleepy enough to take one until like 4. And then she’ll wanna take a 2 hour nap, and then bedtime won’t happen until midnight.

Yesterday we played outside for a bit.




Then we went to the park so I could work out and she played with Anna (a 9 year old) down at the playground.

We got home and i made her take a shower with me. She literally SCREAMED the entire time. Not just crying. And she’d stop to take a breath, and it’d be a yawn. I got her out. Laid her on the towel and then went to find a diaper and check on Judah. when I got back I found her like this. (But stark naked.)

I managed to sneak clothes and a diaper on her and then put her right to bed. Girl was tired.

I want to avoid screaming marathons though. I do think she isn’t feeling well.. I think her antibiotics caused a.. reaction. Most of you know what sort of reaction. So I’m calling that same doctor back to see if he can give her something. Those are miserable.

Ok, I’m off to hattiesburg. Little man has 6 month shots. BOOOOO.