Devotional: Psalm 85- Hattiesburg Tornados

Show us your unfailing love, O L ord , and grant us your salvation. (Psalms 85:7 NLT)

Most of you know already about what has happened.

A very large tornado came through Hattiesburg yesterday evening, and did some major damage. Not long after, another came through.

The campus of the University of Southern Mississippi had some major damage, as well as Oak Grove community and Petal.

We know these areas well.

We have friends who live here.

Thankfully, all the people we know and love are fine. All of their homes are not.

If you were affected by this- and need something- anything- please let us know. We are ready and waiting to help.

My email address is Andrea Kirkley (at) gmail dot com. All together of course. Let us know.