Devotional: 2 Corinthians 4 // Potty Training and I love you’s

That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. (2 Corinthians 4:16 NLT)

We never give up. Though we die, we are renewed.

Kinda like these storms that just happened. That killed a lot of our things. It hurts to lose stuff. Our belongings. But there is no storm around that can hurt our spirits.

Our God can renew us in an instant.

He’s very good and very wise and he knows when we need help.

I also feel like he likes when we ask for his help too. He likes for us to talk with him.

If you are going through hurt: ask to be renewed.

If you are going through troubles: ask to be renewed.

If you are going through a dry spell: ask to be renewed.

It God is able, he had more than enough, he can renew you.

Life Blog

I may or may not have prayed a small renewal prayer yesterday. It went something like, “God, if I don’t start getting some sleep, I may not make it.”

And he renewed me!

Judah slept over 5 hours straight.

And for some of you- you’re saying 5 hours? You’re excited about 5 hours?

Well.. Yes. I haven’t gotten anything over 3 1/2 for about 3 weeks now. I go to bed at 10:30 or 11, and I usually wake up at least twice before daylight. Many nights more than that.

For example Saturday night I fell asleep at 11, was up at 1:30, 4, 5, and then my alarm went off at 6:30. That night was pretty good.

But now.. 1:30-7:15? That’s the new standard for good.

I mean, even when I get no sleep, he’s still a cutie pie.





That little smile just melts me into pieces.

So last night was grand. And yesterday was grander.

How so?

Me and Lucy went to Laurel. And Lucy… Drumroll please… Wore panties the whole time.


Didn’t have any accidents!!

We were gone from home from 10 til about 1:30, she teeteed in TWO public restrooms- and even fell asleep in the car and didn’t have an accident.

Happy dance!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s going well now.

So then I get home and I call some people so they can tell Lucy how proud, and each and everyone says something like, “now we gotta get her to poop in the potty.”

No kidding. The last major potty training milestone. I’m not pushing it though. I don’t wanna hurt what progress we’ve made by forcing her.

So I go about my day.

I’m in the back rocking Judah, bc for some reason yesterday he just wanted to be held like all day… And Lucy comes up to me and says “pooped.”

She now has my full attention.

She had been asking for a diaper to poop in, but this wasn’t what she was saying. She was telling me that she had just … pooped.

Then she points down the hall.

I’m thinking.. Great. There is now toddler poop in my hallway.

I put J man down and rush to see te damage. Lucy leads me to the bathroom where I find poop in her little potty.

Sound the bells! Get out the confetti and streamers! She did it, all on her own. She needed to go, so she just went. She’s been doing that with tee teeing already. Just going. Not telling me… Little miss independent.

So. Yesterday was a good day. I have a picture of the potty… But I figured y’all didn’t wanna see that! Haha!

Then last night Lucy and I did our little nightly routine. Read a “cupa books” (couple of books) and were rocking.

I’ve been asking her “who loves you?” And then ill say “mama loves you”.

Last night it went like this:

Me: who loves you?
Luc: mama loves you.
Me: that’s right, mama loves you. Who else loves you?
Luc: mumbles
Me: daddy. Daddy loves you.
Luc: wanna go see daddy?
Me: no, baby, we can’t go see daddy right now. We’re getting ready for bed.
Luc: mumbles
Me: what baby?
Luc: Lucy loves you.
Me: *tears* (and some sort of dying sound)

I had no words. Best thing she’s ever said to me. Ok. I can’t talk about it or ill cry again- haha! Mama hormones!

Anyway, I’m happy to start this day. And I got a toddler to get up and a baby to change… So I’m off!

Hope you feel like you got 5 1/2 hours of sleep, too 🙂