Devotional: Psalm 82 // 5 and 6 Month pictures!

Your job is to stand up for the powerless, and prosecute all those who exploit them. Psalm 82:4

If we as Christians don’t stand up for those who can’t… who else will?

Human trafficking is a huge business currently. People here in America do not want to think about it, but it’s true. The sex slave industry is booming. And it is happening here as much as anywhere.

People, mostly younger people, are being sold like items to people around the world. Atlanta, because of it’s HUGE international airport is a hotspot for this kind of stuff.

If we don’t stand up for peoples rights, if we don’t try and do something, then no one else will. We know as Christians we are called to love. So if we love, then why aren’t we doing anything?

This was a brief one, I know. Look into some of these websites and see if there might be a way that you could help.

International Justice Mission

The A21 Campaign

One Voice to End Slavery

Life Blog

Ok – not much writing – mostly pictures. I never posted Judah’s 5 month pictures and I just took his 6 month ones. I’m only posting the absolute best ones here – if you want to see them all – check my flickr link to the right 🙂

5 Month Portraits
5 months old Judah

5 months old Judah

6 Month Portraits
6 months old Judah

Look how big he looks!!
6 months old Judah

6 months old Judah

And I got Lucy dressed up and took her picture too, of course 🙂


So beautiful…

And my favorite. Lucy looking JUST LIKE HER DADDY. Good night. It’s uncanny.
6 months old Judah

And that’s all folks! Happy Thursday!