Snow-pocalypse and 18 Month Pics

I’ve decided to not do combined blogs anymore. My grandma would say, “the VERY-idee” (The very idea)

It will help me more to have them separate. No biggie, just in my cataloging. Gahh, I am such a dork.

Anyway – if you haven’t been on social media in the past 2 days, you may not know – but… It SNOWED!

Us southerners sure do like to make a big deal about the snow. I guess we should since we only see real snow like once every few years. I remember my first snow. It was… not real snow, but it was white and looked like snow, but didn’t stick. I was so excited. And then I remember my first REAL snow – I was probably in middle school. It snowed like 3 feet at my house. (That might be my pre-teen imagination exaggerating). I swear that’s what I remember. I also remember playing in it for like 5 hours straight.

So, I was excited about the “real snow” that was coming yesterday. I call it real snow when it sticks and doesn’t turn into slushy mud. I will also say – I predicted slushy mud – and I was wrong. Man I’m glad I was wrong. Slushy mud isn’t fun. Snow is.

My kids were not quite as enthused. Judah pretty much hated it because he had to be so bundled up, and Lucy was moody all day anyway so she cried because she wanted to go play and then cried to come in and then cried because we brought her in. It was.. a fun day. Still – with my toddlers bipolar mood swings and my baby’s inability to move because of his layers – I got some good pics. AND – I took Judah’s 18 Month pictures – yep – EARLY! Because.. well… I’ve NEVER had a monthly picture in the snow. I couldn’t miss that opportunity!

I don’t know if everyone feels this way.. but I do believe I have a very handsome little man.

And yes. That is socks on his hands. He didn’t have any gloves or mittens and… So.. that happened.

That little tongue!

The first few minutes outside he spent just staring like this.

He was very confused about all the white stuff.

Then he started to kinda like it.

Suited up!

And Lucy – her happy mood swing.

What a weird kid! Haha!

Luc, Cookie, and Aiden

Good ole Cookie. If you could guarantee that a dog would act just like her – I’d own a thousand.

And then it began. I tried to get a pic of me and her and I had to tickler and “You-better-not-smile” her to get a grin.

And then full on tears.

We came in for a while once both kids were good and upset and then went back out later to attempt a snowman.

That’s as far as it got.. The snow was so powdery it wouldn’t stick together.

Then I brought Judah out for 2 minutes to get a picture of the kids together on the first snow. Classic picture.

Ha! Well that was our snow fun. Hope you had fun and stayed safe! Back to reality tomorrow I guess!

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