042415 + 042515: Mopars at the Battleship

My husband is a Mopar man, through and through. Mopar, or no car, if you will. We’ve gone to the Mopars at the Battleship before, and he wanted to go this year as well. So, I surprised him and got us a hotel room with some of our credit card points and we made the trek to Mobile to look at all the shiny cars. 

We invited his dad, too. We made it to our hotel and got all checked in. Then we went out to eat at Felix’s. They gave us the “Wheelhouse Room” which was a small private dining room off the front of the restaurant. It was perfect for our little ones, because they had 3 big windows to look out of, a room to themselves, and we had plenty of room to relax.  

The food was also great, as was theservice. 

Then we went for dessert!

My kids do an excited dance when they get donuts. 


Then the four of us shared a bed. 

Best thing today: **

It took some winding, but they eventually calmed down.  


Nothin’ like a bedtime story with Dad. 

The next morning we got up and ate breakfast at a crowded table at McDonald’s.

And then off to the car show. 

It was warm and sunny (after all week a chance of rain for the morning!) and they kids had it made in the shade. 

We took breaks by the planes. 


Judah kept saying, “Mama I strong!”

And Lucy toughed it out in Daddy’s dreamland. 

Daddy makes good shade. And we wore Judah out for sure. 

Overall we had a good time, kids had fun, and we all enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward to a couple of years when we get to take a car ourselves!

The Super Bee is waiting!

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