052815 + 052915: recital practice! 

I worked briefly Friday- and then had most of my day with my kiddos. Thursday we had recital practice- and I was FLOORED at how awesome she did!! She had a little bit of a scare at first, but after the run through… She nailed it!  

And then she was all smiles because she knew how proud of her I was. She’s so tiny. Like, she’s either the smallest or 2nd to smallest one in her class. Little bitty thing. 

Her recital is Saturday- so I’m going crazy with excitement!! Ahh!! I’m turning into one of those moms.  

Ok, I’m not one of them. I am super excited though!
And… I kinda had a big deal (or could possibly turn into a big deal) happen Friday too! I will definitely keep you posted on how that turns out! 

052715: the party planning begins

So Wes and I decided to do Lucy an actual birthday party, with balloons and decorations and a cake and friends. Normally we invite family and keep it simple, but she’s gonna be 5 and she had a list of friends she wanted there so we are gonna invite.
It’s My Little Pony themed.
And I’m so excited. Rainbows, clouds, stars, hearts.. PONIES?
Uh yeah. So I’m all over Pinterest and all over the Internet and I’m spending way over budget (ok, not THAT much over budget…) so far I’ve spent $35, and that’s for stuff I can reuse (tulle) and all I have left to get is plates and to buy the cake. Everything else I’m making.

I scored a CUTE pony at Michaels yesterday. These are normally about $20, more than that sometimes online (with shipping). I got this little pony for $8!

She’s gonna be part of the center piece. Then I got tulle do to my rainbow-

And flowers because Ponyville has flowers duh.
And my cake topper and balloons.

Gah I love having a girl!!

I ordered a MLP busy book (comes with 12 figurines) for her cake from Amazon, and I got 75 temporary tattoos for the guests. And some pendant streamers. I paid for all of that with my money, so it doesn’t count in my budget. I spent $78 on Amazon. (Oh.. And I got a new diffuser too.. Which was the majority of that $78). It’s been in my wish list since I got into oils a long time ago and when I purchased my first diffuser, I didn’t get the one I wanted. I like the one I have, but I love the one I just ordered. Wes convinced me to TREAT YO’SELF and I did.

Anyway… I’ll definitely keep you posted on the outcome of the FABULOUS SPECTACULAR SUPER DUPER PONY party. I’m so pumped.

052515 + 052615: rainy days

Monday was Memorial Day, and Tuesday I worked and then we had dance class. I got my big batch of Essential Oils in from Edens Garden- I’m so excited about them. 

And my kids were kids most of the day. I had to yell/spank Judah like 10 times because he just doesn’t listen to anything I say. I made a goal to not yell at him on Wednesday. I’m gonna have to be creative though- I’ll have to keep him busy. Real busy. I’m gonna try though because I’m tired of my days consisting of me yelling at him for him blatantly disobeying me. We’ll see how creativity works. 

And Lucy and me got Ariel shirts!

The one I’m wearing looks like she’s gonna eat the one Lucy’s wearing… We love Ariel! 

Hope you stay dry this week!

052315 + 052415: Lucy’s Wedding Day

Happy Memorial Day, for starters. As I’ve said many times before, there is a lot wrong with our country, but our freedom is still here and we should still be so grateful to those who did pay the ultimate cost for that. We salute the familys of those fallen men and women and we thank you for their sacrifice.


Next, my darling Lucy is growing up. I’ve given you all a tease on Facebook of her pictures in my old wedding dress. I did these so I’d have them for her wedding day one day in the distant future, which, I feel like I’m going to blink and it’s going to be here. She’s starting legit school this year (homeschooling though) and I’m excited and she’s excited and Judah’s going to be doing PreK3 and I’m excited and he’s drawing on the walls with my eye liner somewhere. He will be very different to teach, and I’m going to win. He will learn. He will learn stuff this year. Anyway… here’s to the child who is growing up way too fast… Lucy Bea.

 The one you’ve all seen. One of my favorites.
Lucy's Wedding

This one you’ve most seen as well (on Instagram anyway).
Lucy's Wedding

And now to the others…
Lucy's Wedding

And her walking around in it was just such cuteness.
Lucy's Wedding

Lucy's Wedding

By the time we had sat down, I tried to get her to lay in the grass… which she didn’t want to do, so she teared up. I had to crop her face out and I actually LOVE this picuture. Notice the dirty toes. Makes me feel like she’s still a kid.
Lucy's Wedding

Then, a chicken walked by which made her dry her tears and laugh. I snapped this to prove.
Lucy's Wedding

After that she was all smiles.
Lucy's Wedding

And finally, my absolute favorite of them all. Gracious what a beauty.
Lucy's Wedding

Sunday was busy and quick as always, and my awesome mother-in-law got my babies both after church and kept them that night too since she didn’t have to work and it’d been a while since she saw them. So I did my nails and read a book and didn’t clean my house! I’m going to have to clean before they come home so I’ll have a head start on the week, but yesterday I enjoyed lazing around. Thanks Ms.Steph, you’re a great Mawmaw.

052115 + 052215: work days and a big boy

I worked most of the day Friday. Got took to the hospital and see some little bittie babies. One of my favorite parts of my soon-ending job. 

Thursday was filled with helping Wes in the shop with the “new” car. 1966 Chrysler 300.  

Judah is now full on, non-stop, all the time into stuff. Like, I thought he was into stuff a few months back, but now he can open my desk drawers, and my make up drawers and you get it. Yesterday alone he drew all over my bathroom with my eye liners, drew down the walls with metallic gold Sharpie. 


That’s what was left of the first magic eraser. 

If we tell him to stay inside, he immediately goes outside. If we tell him to stay outside, he immediately goes inside. He brings me 6 fruit rollups a day and I tell him no. He asked me if he could climb a 9′ ladder to get on our loft in the shop. I told him no. I walk over to help Wes and look behind me, he’s ON the uncalled 10′ off-the-floor loft. Last night (Friday) we found out that he put himself to bed, with a pop tart in his hand. So he woke up covered in blueberry pop tart. And it was rubbed in most of his clothes and sheets. He doesn’t watch TV for more than 10 minutes anymore, because God forbid I’m able to cook without him dragging a chair over to “help” me cook on a hot stove. 

So… That’s where we’re at with this one. 

While Lucy sits in her room with her door shut playing with her toys or drawing. Quietly. You’d never know she was there. 

My kids are SO different. 

You’ve seen those pics before. I just love them. 

Now, off to find the little guy before he finds something. (Also: he woke up at 6:30am, 5 days this week.)