050515 + 050615: busy days

I feel like I use that title quite a bit. We stay busy. We played, I worked, I chased little people, we rested, we listened to our dog bark all night… The days go by. Some slower than others. Most I don’t even remember and that’s sad. 

Judah still loves his puppy so very very much. 

Lucy’s getting much better at drawings. This one here is a present for someone- she’ll get it in the mail hopefully before Sunday! 

And Eve (our ladies ministry) has started walking on Wednesday nights. Judah and his 2T/2big pants came with us.  

Lucy wasn’t seen because she and Mary were in the back holding hands. Such sweet girls. 
And that wraps up these days. I’m about to start packing and planning my trip and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get away and just be with my family. 

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