051515 + 051615: last of the beach days

Our week has come to a close. We are tired and worn out and sun kissed and we got sand in every cranny we can find. We are happy to have had a vacation and we’ve already started planning our next one. We had a great time as always and will definitely come back again, because we love taking our camper places. 

Saturday we met up with Mawmaw at the campground we spent our first two nights at.  We swam at the pool and had fun spending time with family. 

Judah was in his happy place. 


We enjoyed having a few moments not being crawled on. 


We went back to the nature center and Judah found some friends.  

He’s always in the middle of it. And Lucy held a bearded dragon!  


I was shocked she held it, much less touched it! 

And then we went back to our camper for the last night. My kids finally laid together nicely and watched their show. 


We had a good week, and it’s hard for Wes to come home, but not me so much. I’m ready to get back to my kitchen, and my routine and then to branch out in my new endeavor. Which, I don’t know if I’ve even blogged about it yet. I’ll check and update you if not. 

We’ve had a blast, but Mississippi here we come. No place like home. 

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