053015 + 053115: Baby I’m a Star Recital

Lucy had her recital. And I was prepared for her to stand there and chew on her fingers, and I was prepared for inviting a bunch a folks to come see her stand still on stage. And… I was OVERWHELMED at how awesome she did!!

She got up there and did every little move, and she knew her stuff and she did SO GOOD!! I was all grins and so happy that she did so well! I guess because I wasn’t expecting her to do it. She’s so stinking shy! I was one happy Mamma!

And Lucy was beaming with how proud I was of her. She looked so stinking cute too!


She was so proud.

She only asked for one picture – one with her teacher. Ms. Natalie did so good with her class. They all did excellent.

Before her first performance. Not a drop of stage fright!

With her biggest fan.

And during her show. I got videos and am trying to get them uploaded, but my flaky internet is making it hard!

Here is her ballet dance – to Snow White’s “Do you wanna know a secret?”
Snow White Ballet Performace

And her Jazz performance – to Walking on Sunshine:
Lucy Jazz Dance Recital Performance

The only one that won’t upload is her last one – the Tap performace to “A you’re Adorable.” And it is just that.

Overall, the show was great and my tiny dancer did an EXCELLENT job. She is going to take a year off from Dance class – because she wants too. She completed a whole year and did a recital and I couldn’t be more proud!