060115: First Day of June

June is HERE y’all. Like, that’s seriously crazy. Our Year is almost halfway through. This is Lucy’s birthday month, meaning that next month is Judahs, and then we are starting school. I mean.. my firstborn starts LEGIT SCHOOL this year. WHAT IS THIS??

She’s so bright. And smart. And I love her so much. And I’m sad that dance is over. But also I can breathe a little. Yesterday was the first Monday in a while that we didn’t have to rush to Oak Grove after I worked. And it was nice, not going to lie. But I do think she will miss going. Plus – with how good she did, I hate to not let her keep trying.

Last Friday I posted about a potential great thing… I had a job interview.

I know, right?

It was for a virtual assistant position – basically I’d work a handful of hours a week, helping someone do little things like answer their emails and run their business facebook page etc. and I’d get paid. (Yes, it is legit). But, I was supposed to hear back from them by Saturday and no response – so that fell through.

If I can find a job I can do for a handful of hours each week in my home, Lucy could have the option of continuing dance. But as of right now, with me quitting, so does our “fun” money. I’m actually actively searching for a work from home job, so if you got any ideas – send them my way.

Yesterday we started sorting for our Church Garage sale. And I mean… we got some stuff!

And I’m not going to lie – it was fun digging through it all.

And I let Lucy take some money to the “pre-sale”. She bought a guitar. I let her pay Ms. Susan for the guitar. She cried because she wanted to keep the money and still get the guitar – a lesson we all learn as we grow. Finally I showed her that when she was paying Ms. Susan, that since it was our church garage sale, she was acutally giving to the church and God, not just the nice lady. I took her dollar and went and put it in the offering box and then Lucy asked me, “So, is God going to come down here and get it and spend it?” When I tried to answer that God would let the people he put in charge to run the church know how to use it, she cut me off with another question, “Why do your eyes see? How do you know in your head what you’re seeing?!” So.. I didn’t fully get that thought out. Oh well.

And later that night, we had a little jam sesh. She is SO excited about her guitar and I actually am too. She is practicing strumming and what not. I always wanted her to play an instrument – maybe she’s actually going to choose guitar?! I think her Mamma playing guitar may have something to do with that. She doesn’t normally act like she wants to be like me – she never says anything like “..being like Mamma” but today she did. “I wanna play guitar. My Mom plays guitar.”


Makes me so very proud of my little Lucy. This may be what she “studies” next year. 🙂