060215: hopes up

The job I said fell through, didn’t. The Virtual Assistant placer linking us up had a death in her family- and so everything was postponed and pushed back. I should hear something on Wednesday, a definite yes or no. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but this would be a great job for me. And a little spending money would be really great. It would take lots of pressure off of my rigid/strict budget. 
And for those who are thinking we are frivolous- our budget is bare bones y’all. We only owe on our house. That’s our biggest note and we are only 2 years into paying on it (but it is a 15yr mortgage- sooo that helps A LOT!). Everything else we own is paid for. And we don’t have a lot of unnecessary extras. Internet, Netflix, and pandora are our extras. Those combined are $50 a month. I just switched insurance companies and am saving about 25 a month on car insurance and about 300 a year on our house insurance. 

That’s about where we are at. Our problem is our eating out. And since I work til lunch- it’s hard for me to come home and cook lunch. So we eat lunch out more than we should.  And then we had Lucys dance class ended at 5pm in Oak Grove, which means I got home at 5:50- just in time to be late making dinner. We’ve slowly lowered our eating out money- but since I was making enough to cover it- it wasn’t a big deal. Hopefully it’ll get better once I quit totally- or if I get this job. 

If I get this job- I’ll be at home and we’ll have the flexibility of me being able to cook all meals and still have the extra little bit of money, which would be super nice. 

So… I guess my hopes are up. 

We took a walk today- and Judah and Kowalski got all tangled up… Like 7 times.  

I had both dogs, both kids, 2 leashes, and a giant double stroller to keep in line. By one point I let the kids out and it got worse (see picture) and finally I was like as log as everyone gets home, I’ll be good. 
We did make it home.  I won’t do that again though. Lesson learned, CHECK.